The Award-Winning Geomag Building System

2002 Parents’ Choice Award, Silver Award
2002 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award

Geomag’s incredibly versatile construction system is based on a simple but very attractive concept: Magnetism. Hobbyists, teachers, parents and designers will discover endless possibilities for designs and projects that hold children’s and adult’s attention for hours.

Students will enjoy building simple two-dimensional shapes like triangles, pentagons and octagons for geometry exercises, or more complex three-dimensional models of cells or buildings for science and design projects. Teachers will love Geomag’s hands-on approach to learning.

Adults find Geomag makes perfect cubicle art, or a unique desk accessory. The best part is, if you grow tired of a model, you can easily pull it apart and start again! In a host of situations, Geomag provides educational, relaxing fun.

Made in Italy, the precision molded plastic-coated bars are magnetized with opposite polarities at the ends, which connect using nickel-plated steel spheres. Geomag comes in kits of varying piece counts and styles, including glow in the dark and executive models.


PlastWood Corporation


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