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February 2009 | Vol. VIII - No. 2

Congratulations to Winner of TDmonthly's eBook!

Gwen Schmied Aces Quiz and Gets "In the Black"

By Alison Marek
February 2009

Last month, TDmonthly Magazine held an email quiz contest for retailers to test their toy smarts and get a chance to win "In the BLACK: TDmonthly's Essential Toy Retailing Tips" — an eBook worth $79!

Nine retailers responded with at least four correct answers on the five-answer quiz. Most of the answers could be found by referring back to prior TDmonthly articles. Retailers who passed the quiz were entered into a drawing for the eBook, which was won by Gwen Schmied of Hobby Express Inc.

If you're still scratching your head wondering why you didn't take the prize this time, here are the questions with the correct answers:

1. According to a January 2009 series of TDmonthly articles, which multi-line specialty-toy vendor was named as a "favorite" by 48.1% of 52 toy-store owners, but "least favorite" by 5.8%?
Melissa & Doug

2. According to a June 2008 TDmonthly article, how many toy-store owners conduct online toy research at least once per week? Answer: 90%

3. What company is currently involved in at least two class-action suits plus a breach of contract suit with specialty retailers? Answer: Ganz

4. Which new game manufacturer that debuted at Toy Fair 2008 has won eight industry awards?
Successful Kids (Blunders)

5. Match the following five new Toy Fair exhibitors with their specialty:
Kingstate Corp. _b_ a. Board Games
Kenson Kids _c_ b. Dolls
Beast Stew _d_ c. Educational
DGT North Am. _a_ d. Plush

If you didn't make it this time, don't worry ... there are more quizzes to come. Or, if you'd prefer not to take your chances, order "In the BLACK" today.

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