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"Positive Toys for a Promising Future"
TDmonthly Magazine's 2008 Specialty Toys Report

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TDmonthly's Essential Toy Retailing Tips"

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"Positive Toys for a Promising Future"™
TDmonthly's 2008/2009 Specialty Toys Report

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"In the BLACK: TDmonthly's Essential Toy Retailing Tips" eBook

• Condenses 4000+ pages of TDmonthly's retailing tips and expert advice into easily consulted chapters

• Topics include using space and design to help shoppers buy, forging a distinct identity through branding and marketing, and teaching customers to appreciate the value of the toys you carry

• Diagrams, photos, grab-and-go tips lists and more!

•Ideal for staff training and helping your business run more smoothly

Bonus: "Positive Toys for a Promising Future"™

• Detailed info on 200+ NEW and best-selling products for the specialty market

• Ordering terms, safety information and display ideas

• Reviews by parents and kids, plus retailer quotes about best-selling products

TDmonthly's 2008 and 2009 award winners (no manufacturer paid a fee for submission)

•In a password-protected section of that will be updated throughout the year

• Designed to facilitate research and buying decisions

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The second annual TDmonthly Specialty Toys Report is a one-stop summary of the best toys in the specialty market for 2008, as determined by the editors of TDmonthly Magazine and ToyDirectory® Inc. — the No. 1 online presence in the toy industry. There is also now available, linkable from the 2008 Report, a 2009 update edition that was released in February 2009.

In addition to product descriptions, display suggestions, age recommendations, key features, awards won, terms available, MSRP and wholesale prices, the Report also includes reviews by our Roundtable moms and kids, and TDmonthly experts and staff, as well as sales evaluations by specialty toy-store owners from around the nation.

Manufacturers in the Report were asked to indicate which tests their toys had passed and how often the tests were performed. Many also submitted data on where their toys were produced. All of this important info is included on each product's profile page in the Report! No manufacturer paid a fee to be included; nominations were by invitation only.

Our select 2008 TDmonthly awards identify the very best toys of the year to make your ordering decisions easier.

TDmonthly's Essential Tips

This year's Report also includes a Bonus eBook, "In the BLACK: TDmonthly's Essential Toy Retailing Tips," that condenses 4,000+ pages of TDmonthly Magazine's retailing tips and expert advice into easily consulted chapters. It's a great resource for training staff and finding out how other toy-store owners and experts solve the same problems you face every day.

The Best Selling Toys … For YOU, First

Finally, as a paid retailer member to TDmonthly's 2008 Specialty Toys Report, Positive Toys for a Promising Future™ , you will be given privileged access to monthly updates that cover such essentials as:

• Best-selling toys as reported by specialty retailers nationwide

• Sales tracking of the most popular specialty toys

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• Detailed profile pages including safety information, display ideas and terms for more than 200 specialty products!

• An eBook, "In the BLACK: TDmonthly's Essential Toy Retailing Tips," that can help your business run more smoothly and facilitate staff training

• Password-protected access to best sellers and sales tracking info through July 2009

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**This write-up of features included in the Report pertains to premium, paid access. The free version of the Report does not include the eBook or updates, and limits search features and information viewable on product profile pages.