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When we here at ToyDirectory sat down and talked about making a new kind of toy trade magazine, we looked around and asked ourselves, “What can we offer that’s different?”

We surveyed some of the thousands of retailers registered with ToyDirectory in 1998, and a subject called “large product showcase that features only the newest items” got the highest interest rating of all. It was hard not to take that to heart.


We are an online magazine, and that makes us special. Unlike a print magazine, our information is updateable, interactive, linkable…more alive than a static page.

So we decided the most exciting and useful feature we can provide to retailers, (and the many consumers who come to our sites looking for toy pictures and descriptions), is the ShowFair; a “new product showcase” meets “on-line toy fair.”

Our ShowFair pages are active for a maximum of three months. The time limitation assures retailers that their time browsing won’t be wasted. It promises that the most lively information about new toys is collected in one place. Also, we plan to have special editions of the ShowFair, like a holiday season preview. And be assured that after three months, ShowFair listings will be archived for our users to reference.


Our ShowFair will be a one-stop gathering place for retailers, consumers and the media. Here they will find big, brilliant pictures of new products, plus text that describes the product and company. And, of course, a web-link to the company’s home page!

We’d love to hear what you think about the ShowFair, and what’s more we’d love to feature your product with all of the above features on a Premium Page. A simple, two-line text listing is always free, however, to anyone who sends us a dated press release about a new product.

If you want more information, please consult our media kit.

Thank you for your support!


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