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Lego Women of NASA, Age mark: 10+

Reviewer: I'd really like it if Lego wouldn't draw a hip/waist curve on the torso of their female Lego figures. They don't create v-shapes for the men. Do we really need ladies to have an hour-glass shape to know they are ladies?

LEGO fan designer Maia Weinstock, a science editor and writer, presented her idea for a Women of NASA LEGO set to the LEGO Ideas crowdsourcing platform. The final design of the Minifigures and set was done by LEGO designers Tara Wike and Gemma Anderson. In the original proposal, five NASA women were included but the set include just four, as Katherine Johnson chose not to be part of the set. Tara Wike got to visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to present the final Minifigure designs to Maia Weinstock and Margaret Hamilton, who is one of the scientists immortalized in LEGO shape. “It was a great experience to give these amazing women their new LEGO identity and a great honor to personally present Margaret Hamilton with her very own Minifigure,” said LEGO Design Manager Tara Wike.

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