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CES 2017: International CES started on Thursday, January 5 and will end on Sunday, January 8

Fisher-Price' Newer Smart Cycle:

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Airblock: The Modular and Programmable Starter Drone:

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LeEco, an Android-powered Bike:

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Dromida Ready-To-Run Radio Controlled 1/18 Scale Brushed Electric-Powered Four-Wheel Drive Rally Car
The Dromida Rally Car is quick, sure-footed and durable. Its compact size means you can take this vehicle from the basement or garage to the driveway or cul-de-sac, with proven 4-wheel shaft drive that provides balanced traction. The suspension is adjustable, and it's equipped with ball bearings for smooth operation. You'll enjoy reliable, interference-free control with the 2-channel transmitter, and the stylish touring car body comes printed with decals already applied.

Piper Computer Kit
Piper is a general use low-end computer. You can surf the web, play games, learn coding and electronics and access powerful programs like Minecraft, Scratch, and SonicPi. Minecraft is a 3D design platform that encourages kids to create. Scratch is one of the most popular beginner programming language. Piper also comes with a browser to surf the internet and LibreOffice which is a utility for making documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Kids ages 8+ can build their first computer using an engineering blueprint. Learn engineering, programming and design thinking through Piper and Minecraft.

Skazooms Action Pack
Spin your Skazooms into action. Battle your Skazooms in the giant Battle Boggan Arena. The Action Pack includes Battle Boggan Spinners and Skamzooms characters.

SkaZooms Zoom Launcher Playset
Slide'em, spin'em or even crash'em into each other. Each SKAZOOMS character comes with its own customized helmet and board - ready to race across smooth surfaces. And with SKAZOOMS accessories like the BOUNCE PARK, STUNT BOWL and RAMP RIDE, you can make your SKAZOOMS jump, flip and bounce.

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit
Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science is the grossest, most revolting kit available that will educate your child with nasty experiments on what actually grows on their own body, what's really in their teeth and the explanations behind our unmentionable, smelly bodily functions. Disgusting Science investigates your child's everyday questions like "What makes you pass gas?", "Do creatures really live on me?", "Why do your feet really stink?" and more. Your young scientist will be fascinated to learn fun facts about these body parts, by-products and will be grossed out as they take science to a whole new level by creating a stinky intestine, slimy snot, fake blood and learn how to grow friendly molds and bacteria. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older with adult supervision.

Power Wheels® Dune Racer
The Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer features pink and purple colors and a drive system that enables it to go on hard surfaces, wet grass, and rough terrain. Its steel frame with flashy “chrome” accents boasts an open cockpit design that is roomy enough to handle two small riders. There’s a samll storage under the hood for take-along necessities. And with two forward drive speeds, one reverse speed, and a 12-volt rechargeable battery, this Dune Racer offers good fun for the little ones.

Cubelets by Modular Robotics
Robotic building blocks that respond to their surroundings and introduce little thinkers to robotics, coding, and design. Cubelets fall under three categories – Think, Sense or Act – and each one has a different function (i.e. the Drive block has wheels for movement, the Speaker block emits sounds, etc.). Every unique arrangement creates a new robot, and with the Bluetooth Cubelet, you can control your robot via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Cozmo by Anki
A robot with a personality that evolves the more you hang out. Cozmo expresses emotions in response to your actions. Requires a free app and the processing power of your compatible mobile phone/tablet to access high level robotics functions. New games and upgrades are unlocked the more you play. The Cozmo SDK Beta is a connected robotics platform for makers, hobbyists, educators and researchers. More details at


TOYDIRECTORY Synopsis Highlights

Published by TDmonthly Magazine

Dec 2016 -- Mattel and Sesame Workshop invest $24 million in Osmo

Mattel, Sesame Workshop, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt along with earlier backers, Accel Partners, Upfront Ventures and K9 Ventures, invest $24 million (third round of funding) in Augmented Reality iPad tablet games startup App-Making Startup Osmo (based in Palo Alto since 2013 founded by Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler.) (Total Equity Funding $38.5M in 3 Rounds from 4 Investors

Dec 2016 -- Play is the mother of many inventions, ideas and technologies like the computer.

Stay home and play with your family this weekend.

Dec 2016 -- Dialware Communications Sues Hasbro for patent infringement by Furby

Dialware Communications Sues Hasbro for patent infringement by Furby Party Rockers and Furby Boom Crystal Furblings (Case:

Dec 2016 -- Worst Toy of the Year: Lulu's Makeup Set Members of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood have selected Lulu's 11-Piece Makeup Set by Pink Fizz as winner of this year's TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young children) Award for the Worst Toy of the Year. Pink Fizz, listed as appropriate for ages 3+, is marketed with the tagline "the ultimate glam makeup collection in a box" at Toys R Us and online stores. The "glam" cartoon of an older teen model on the box and in ads exploits the aspirations of young girls, encouraging them to use the makeup as a way to be more grown up. Videos on YouTube show very young girls "playing" delightedly with the kit. "It takes a toxic mix of unsafe ingredients and promoting precocious sexuality to stand out as the worst of the worst," said CCFC's Executive Director Josh Golin. "Congratulations, Pink Fizz – you're the 2016 TOADY Winner!" Pink Fizz's sexualized imagery and age shrink-the recommended age on Toys R Us's website is 3-20-pushes girls to act older than they are, and teaches that being a girl means focusing on your appearance. Research shows that when girls are preoccupied with how they look to others, they're more likely to develop eating disorders, experience body dissatisfaction, and do worse in school. And to make matters worse, Lulu's Makeup Set lists eight ingredients, including propylparaben and titanium dioxide, known to be harmful or carcinogenic according to a 2016 report by the Breast Cancer Fund. Nancy Gruver, Founder of New Moon Girls, which nominated Pink Fizz makeup for the TOADY, said: "As though the sexualized packaging and looks-based play weren't bad enough, Pink Fizz also poses a health risk" (endocrine-disrupting chemicals.) The final results of the online TOADY balloting were: Lulu's Makeup Set, nominated by New Moon Girls: 33% | Game of Life: Empire, nominated by Public Citizen's Commercial Alert: 17% | View-Master Batman: The Animated Series Virtual Reality Pack, Nominated by Families Managing Media: 16% | Shopkins Tall Mall Playset, nominated by The Story of Stuff: 16% | Pokemon GO, nominated by EPIC Privacy: 15%

Dec 2016 -- Internet-Connected Toys Are Spying on Kids, Threatening Their Privacy and Security The popularity of "smart" Internet-connected toys poses significant privacy and security risks to children, according to a complaint filed by child advocacy and privacy groups at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). My Friend Cayla and I-Que Intelligent Robot, dolls marketed to both young girls and boys, collect and use personal information from children in violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and FTC rules prohibiting unfair and deceptive practices. Groups filing the complaint are the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood (CCFC), the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), Consumers Union, and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). When companies collect personal information from children they incur serious legal obligations to protect children's privacy. COPPA reflects an understanding that the collection and use of information about children should be treated with care. The complaint charges, "Both Genesis Toys and Nuance Communications unfairly and deceptively collect, use, and disclose audio files of children's voices without providing adequate notice or obtaining verified parental consent." In one of the legal violations, Genesis fails to get parents' consent before collecting children's voice recordings and other personal data. Children's voice recordings from the dolls are also sent to Nuance, a company that may use them for its law enforcement and military intelligence products. Genesis and Nuance seem to allow a child's words said to her 'trusted' friend end up in a voice biometrics database sold to law enforcement and intelligence agencies. These products are part of a new generation of digital playthings – known as the "Internet of Toys" – which are growing in popularity, with consumers spending an estimated $2.8 billion on them last year. We urge the FTC to investigate these companies and hold them accountable.

"Children today are growing up immersed in a digital world, where mobile devices, games, apps, and now a new generation of Internet-toys are profoundly shaping their social interactions, personal experiences, and behaviors," commented Kathryn Montgomery, Professor of Communication at American University and consultant to CDD. "Regulators need to ensure that children will be able to reap the benefits of these digital technologies without being subjected to harmful practices that undermine their privacy, safety, and wellbeing." FTC complaint from CCFC, CDD, Consumers Union, and EPIC is available at The full Toyfail report is available at


NOV 2016 -- ToyDirectory Congratulates Mattel For Diversifying Barbie Body Types. Barbie Unveils Ashley Graham, A Plus-Size Model, Inspired Doll. Line of Plus-Size inspired Dolls


NOV 2016 --  World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) -- “10 Worst Toys of 2016” Consumer Advocates Joan E. Siff, President of W.A.T.C.H., and James A. Swartz, a nationally known trial attorney and Director of W.A.T.C.H., demonstrated the types of toy hazards available. I nconsistent Warnings and Age Recommendations  regarding important safety information can lead to misinformed, and potentially dangerous, consumer toy purchases.  First Line of Defense — Safe Design and Manufacture: The best weapon in the fight to prevent injuries to children continues to be safely designed and manufactured products While recalls are an important safety measure, they are only a band-aid for the larger issue: dangerous toys shouldn’t reach the hands of consumers in the first place. Recalls are reactive, not proactive. Unfortunately, many consumers never receive notice of toy recalls and may not know that a dangerous toy sits like a time bomb in their child’s toy box. Many of the toys recalled in the last year not only put children at risk of serious injury or death, but also are evidence of substandard manufacturing practices and inadequate premarket testing. Moreover, some toys that are in compliance with current industry or regulatory standards have proven to be hazardous, demonstrating the inadequacy of existing standards. The burden must be on manufacturers and retailers, not consumers, to identify the known hazards before their products enter the channels of commerce. Toys are embellishments of life, not necessities, and there is no excuse for manufacturing, importing and distributing a toy that can kill a child.  Safety Traps and Tips — what parents and caregivers can do: Caregivers should not be lulled into a false sense of security that a toy is safe because of a familiar brand name on a package or due to its availability at a well-known retailer.   One child is treated in a U.S. emergency room every three minutes for a toy-related injury. From 1990 to 2011, there was a 40% increase in toy-related injuries. In 2014, there were over 251,000 toy-related injuries and 61 children died in toy-related incidents between 2010 and 2014. Although even one injury to one child is too many, recent statistics emphasize that dangerous toys continue to pose a year-round threat.   The particular toys on the “10 Worst Toys” list are illustrative of some hazards in toys being sold to consumers, and should not be considered as the only potentially hazardous toys on the market. (PDF Opens New Window)

NOV 2016 -- Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club Mega Pack Selling Well
20 Chef Club Shopkins and four recipe books. There are breakfast meals to make, sweet things to bake, family foods to prepare and baked goods to share! The perfect way build up your collection and start cooking quick! 
Shopkins Chef Club Mega Pack:
Follow the recipe cards to create dishes with the Shopkins ingredients.
Search for the "Limited Edition Finished Dishes" and start building up your recipe book collection.
With over 150 of flavored Shopkins to collect and 18 recipes to create, the Chef Club is where the Chefs Shop.
Plus each Chef Club Shopkin has a code that you can scan with the free Chef Club app so you can play online.

NOV 2016 -- $50 Hatchimals, interactive toy pets along with birth certificate (i.e., Pengualas and Owlicorns) by Spin Master: Hot holiday toy seems to be this year's must-have Christmas toy and has sold out at major retailers. (Randomly available at Amazon by 3rd party sellers. They'll have more in time for Christmas.)

NOV 2016 -- Pushing our children to be more independent before it's time causes physical harm: higher levels of both inflammation and immune activation. (Study: . Aggressive parental behaviour causes delayed brain maturation, detrimental psychological, and academic functioning. Research has shown that a mother's aggressive behavior was associated with development issues of right superior frontal and lateral parietal cortical thickness, and of nucleus accumbens volume, in males. (Study: No matter what the child does, before and after a disciplinary session, remind them that you will never love them any less and your love is limitless and forever. Snapping and yelling at our kids is associated with a weaker immune response to vaccines. Many of us need to reflect back and decide now if we need to learn a few new conflict-resolution techniques. (Study:

ICTI CARE launches new initiative to help small businesses in the toy industry. Committed Brands PLUS for Toy SMEs provides instant access to our searchable database of over 1,300 toy factories, detailed profiles on factories' ethical performance, and ICTI CARE certification audits. In addition, small businesses will join a global network of brands and retailers that are committed to the ethical sourcing of toys. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) form the back bone of the global toy industry, with research showing that SMEs make up over 90% of the marketplace in Europe and the US. While smaller toy companies may have limited time and resources, their commitment to responsible business practices and to ensuring the well-being of workers in their supply chain remains just as strong. ICTI CARE Committed Brands PLUS offers a package of features for Toy SMEs, providing support for responsible sourcing where it matters the most. Benefits include: Disney, Mattel, Crayola, ToysRUs, SmartLab, Top Toy, Golden Bear are amongst the many toy companies already using the enhanced suite of responsible sourcing tools offered via ICTI CARE PLUS. Today’s launch extends these benefits to thousands of Toy SMEs around the world. From monthly bulletins and webinars to supplier engagement and coordinated factory visits, Committed Brands PLUS for Toy SMEs makes responsible sourcing more efficient, transparent, and accessible to a greater number of smaller businesses. Contact Tom van Haaren, Senior Advisor - Responsible Sourcing, ICTI CARE Foundation:, +1 (646) 454 5583 Mark Robertson, Director - Communications & Stakeholder Relations, ICTI CARE Foundation:, +44 7872 041 444

Worth a Second Look

Products below selected as By TDmonthly and TOYDIRECTORY Staff Writers

My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle
By My Little Pony, Hasbro

My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle playset has a rotating light-up feature and reflects 3 cutie marks at the press of a heart-shaped button. It also has 2 staircases and areas for play on all sides. Sixteen fun accessories include a dress, throne, crystal vanity, cradle, and jewels. There are also 2 closets that have shelves that can spin and a swing for the Baby Flurry Heart figure! Pretend to swing Baby Flurry Heart while Princess Cadence gathers 2 included tiaras to get ready for a royal stroll! Includes unassembled castle playset, pony figure, baby pony figure, cradle, throne, 16 accessories, and instructions.

Pee & Poo plush
By Sweden Toys

NEW Potty training toy calls it like it is! Designed by Swedish designer, Emma Megitt, Pee & Poo works as a potty training cuddly companion. The cuddly toys Pee &Poo are made in a cotton plush and filled with polyester fiber. They are CE-marked and are suitable for children of all ages. PEE & POO Duo Large plush set $ 39.95


Brian or Brianna Superhero Play Therapy Bear
By Ready Set Go

Founder and designer Carol Cooper created Ready Set Go Play Therapy Kit, along with a line of signature jewelry to help children build self confidence and develop a positive attitude. Each learning kit includes a bear with a special story that focuses on the experiences of children who struggle with low self-esteem.


Princess Horses
By Douglas Company

Four new plush Princess Horses has been added to the Douglas stables. Rainbow Princess: white horse with cream colored hoof (stands 12” tall).

Toys We Still Like

Products below selected by Staff, Parents and Retailers:


Fisher-Price Learn with Lights Piano
By Fisher-Price

Colorful light-up keys, fun instrument sounds and 3 distinct grow-with-me levels of play encourage "all-around" music-making fun. With motion-activated lights & sounds rewards for a "rocking" good time! Level 1 Piano Play responds to baby with classical tunes and tones whenever baby touches a piano key. Level 2 Jam-Along Music encourages baby to jam along with musical tunes! Every press of a key unlocks a different tune for baby, letting baby add a fun instrument sound. And Level 3 Game Play invites baby to play a fun game of follow the lights. Keys light up, encouraging baby to repeat the light and sound pattern. Dancing lights and fun music reward baby for playing!


My First Mind Blowing Science Kit
By Alex Brand

Experiments to educate young scientists. Erupt a color changing volcano. Mix safe chemicals and watch colors change Instructions for 11 different science experiments. Kids ages 6 and up! Chemicals Included: Red cabbage powder, citric acid, baking soda, 3 color tablets, crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer, vegetable oil, corn starch Supplies Included: 2 cotton swabs, 3 test tubes with stand, 3 plastic cups, pipette, 2 sticks, 2 measuring scoops and activity guide


SYMA X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera

X5C has a high degree camera and a unique look, easy to use, so you and your hands X5C in the crowd inadvertently become the focus. Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems, 3D lock, More scheduled flight, operating more to the force! X5C equipped with HD cameras, lets you control the aircraft Enjoy taking pictures/video of the pleasure flights. Highly elastic plastic protective circle, preventing the blades in flight Cause wear, anti-collision anti-fall performance further enhanced! Battery: 3.7V 500 Mah Li-poly Charging time: About 100 minutes (USB Charging) Flying time: About 7 minutes


Carcassonne Board Game
By Zman Games

Players build the area surrounding this city, one tile at a time. They then place a follower on fields, cities, roads or monasteries in order to score as many points as possible. These followers will become knights, monks, farmers and thieves, depending on where they are placed. No matter their function, the player who will most cleverly use their followers will win the game. Redesigned and modernized, this edition includes two expansions: The River and the Abbot.

Editors' Choice Toys

Products below selected by TDmonthly Editors:


VTech Baby Snuggle and Sleep Musical Sheep
By VTech

The Snuggle and Sleep Musical Sheep is a cuddly friend and so much more! This adorable, plush sheep comes with 40 melodies and 5 sing-along songs and can be customized with your child’s name, favorite stories and music from VTech’s Learning Lodge. You can add your own music using an SD card (not included) and the sheep becomes an adorable plush MP3 player. Parental controls let you set a timer for 15, 30 or 60 minutes, adjust the volume and navigate the music. The sheep can also detect your little one’s cry and plays soothing melodies to help them fall back to sleep with this cuddly friend and MP3 player in one! Requires 3 AA batteries (batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use). Intended for ages birth and up.


Shopkins Season 5 12 Pack
By Shopkins

Shopkins™ Glow! The Special Edition Electric Glow Shopkins™ are Switched On! The 12 pack comes with 10 visible Shopkins and 2 Shopkins™ hidden inside 2 backpacks, plus 2 bonus Shopkins™ charms!


Super Heroes Black Panther Pursuit 76047
By Lego

Fire the jet’s stud shooters at Winter Soldier as he speeds away on his motorbike. Dial up high-speed action with Captain America’s 4x4. Fire the 4x4’s spring-loaded shooter and throw Captain America’s shield at the jet flying above! Will Black Panther capture Winter Soldier or can Captain America help him to escape?


By Jolo

Makes 148 water balloons in 1 minute! 4 bunches included. Suitable for Age 3+. 37 balloons per bunch.

Toys and Games Our "Odd" Friends Have

Products Below Were Tabulated by TDmonthly Magazine, a division of TOYDIRECTORY)


Humanity Hates Trump Card Game
By SCS Direct

This game puts a satirical spin on politics, adding humor to the 2016 presidential race. Humanity Hates Trump is ideal for presidential debate games. Humanity Hates Trump is offered in a base set with 250 cards -- 200 white cards (including 2 Ultimate Trump Cards that will trump your opponents) and 50 black cards. The lucky player who has the Ultimate Trump Card in their hand automatically wins the round. In addition to the base set, Humanity Hates Trump is offered in an unofficial expansion pack of 110 cards -- 80 white cards (including 1 Ultimate Trump Card) and 30 black cards. The expansion pack is compatible with Humanity Hates Trump, Cards Against Humanity™ and other similar party games, adding a political Trumpy twist to the classic game.


Funko POP Movies: Harry Potter Action Figure - Luna Lovegood
By FunKo

Founder and designer Carol Cooper created Ready Set Go Play Therapy Kit, along with a line of signature jewelry to help children build self confidence and develop a positive attitude. Each learning kit includes a bear with a special story that focuses on the experiences of children who struggle with low self-esteem.


Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard
By Quest

Construction Type: Multi-ply hardwood maple and Artisan bamboo deck. Dimensions: 44 x 9 x 43 inches. Weight: 10 pounds. Weight: 8.2 pounds. Size: 44-Inch.

How do I get my custom plush idea started? How do I make plush toys and stuffed animals? Can you help me sell my toy idea?


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