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TDmonthly Magazine® Trend Articles

Each month, TDmonthly Magazine concentrates on three different toy categories. Each category is given its own section toward the middle of the issue. These sections feature trend articles that relate to that particular toy category.

TDmonthly Magazine reporters compile trend articles by calling independent and specialty toy retailers across the country to find out what products in a category are selling the best. We believe if a small toy store in Duluth, Minn., for example, has found a cool new card game that's flying off the shelves, it might do well at a toy store in Bull Shoals, Ark., too.

In addition, TDmonthly Magazine reporters talk to manufacturers of every size to find new products (i.e., in development or recently released) that may fall in line with the trends specialty toy retailers have been noticing.

To review the 2007 Editorial Calendar to see what topics will be featured per month, click here.

TDmonthly Magazine also publishes three TDmonthly Top-10 Most Wanted Lists a month, in a section called "TDmonthly Most Wanted Lists." These lists include only 10 products in a specific toy category, compiled after numerous chats with retailers and manufacturers.

Each product listed includes 3 bulleted reasons as to why we think it will sell well at your store. Sometimes the reason is a unique feature; sometimes the reason is a retailer who can vouch for the popularity of the product. Whatever the reason, these TDmonthly Top 10 Most Wanted Lists comprise some of the best-selling products for that category on the market at specialty toy, craft and hobby shops around the country.

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