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January 2011 | Vol. X - No. 1

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Summarized Conclusions of January Articles

By TDmonthly Staff
January 2011

January Staff Picks: Staff selections for January covering games, gifts, and Halloween merchandise. read more

You Coulda Been First — Toy Fair Debuts That Keep on Selling: Toy Fair debuted toys from the past 5 years that still sell. read more

What We Want From Toy Fair: Retailers detail what they are keeping an eye out for at Toy Fair 2011. read more

Keep Cash Flowing Freely: Experts share tips and examples on maintaining healthy cash flow to run a business. read more

Make Inventory Work for You: Tips and strategies on finding equilibrium between supply and demand of store inventory. read more

How We Reel 'Em In (and Keep 'Em): Eight tips on attracting and keeping customers. read more

Innovations of 2010: Reviewing 2010's innovative products reveal that "simple" and "basic" are winning properties. read more

Top-10 Most Wanted Books: A somber, yet cute, book leads the list, along with Diary of a Wimpy Kid. read more

How to Buy at a Trade Show: Preparation is key when making buying decisions at a trade show, expert explains. read more

Stop Managing Time, and Start Managing Yourself: Time management means managing one's working behavior, not time itself. read more

Toy Market 4Q and Next Year: A look into the trends of 4Q and what it means for the upcoming 2011 year. read more

Talk to the Toy: Speech specialists explain why it's about "how," instead of "what", toys are used. read more

Top Halloween Gifts: Surveyed retailers reveal items that may sell well for Halloween 2011. read more

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