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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 11/21/2008

Advantage Publishers Group (APG) publishes books under three imprints: Silver Dolphin Books, Thunder Bay Press, and Portable Press. Founded over fifteen years ago, Advantage Publishers Group has a growing list of published titles and now has a backlist of more than 500 books. APG books are sold in the United States and throughout the world.

Thunder Bay Press, APG’s first imprint, published its first title in 1990. Silver Dolphin Books quickly followed. Finally, in 2000, APG purchased the best-selling Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series and created Portable Press as an imprint to house this list. Advantage Publishers Group is the umbrella organization under which all three imprints operate.
Model Masters Dragons
Uncover a Dolphin
Embark on an adventure into the enchanted lands of dragons, where you will discover the origins, powers, and legends of these mythological beasts. From the fire-breathing Western dragon to the three-headed hydra, assemble, paint, and display these magical and mighty creatures from worlds beyond your imagination!

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Dive into dolphins! This book is swimming with cool facts, amazing illustrations, diagrams and a unique 3-D model that uncovers the secrets of dolphins, layer by layer. Kids can plunge into weird and wild facts, cool illustrations, diagrams and an amazing 3-D layered model of a bottlenose dolphin.

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Sounds of the Wild: Ocean
Plunge into the world's oceans and discover the magic of marine life in these stunning pop-up seascapes accompanied by sounds from the deep. Listen to the playful chattering of dolphins, the boisterous honking of seals, and the haunting echo of the humpback whale's song. Full of in-depth descriptions, each spread identifies several animals, offering a great way to introduce children to the ocean animals of the world.

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 11/21/2008
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