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TDmonthly Inquiry Basket FAQ

What is an Inquiry Basket?
The ToyDirectory/TDmonthly Inquiry Basket is a tool for sending multiple inquiries to different manufacturers simultaneously. When you see products that interest you, simply put the products in an Inquiry Basket and ToyDirectory will send emails on your behalf to all of the companies you chose. Then the manufacturers reply to you directly with the information you had requested.

This simple process saves you the time and trouble of going to each manufacturer's website individually.

What do I need to do to participate?
Simply click here to register, once you have completed the process you can start searching for products and adding them to your Inquiry Basket.

Why do I need to register?
By registering, we will have your contact information on record so you don't have to fill it out each time you want to send an Inquiry. ToyDirectory will not sell or share your email address.

What are the benefits of registering?
1. You do not have to fill out your information again after you have registered.
2. You may request new product information in the product categories of your choice (up to 5). This information will be emailed directly to you on a regular basis.
3. You also have the option to receive a free subscription to TDmonthly Magazine, our monthly e-newsletter that includes trend articles, video demos from tradeshows and expert reviews on new toys.

Why am I restricted to sending one basket a day with only 20 products?
To prevent misuse of the Inquiry Basket , we are currently restricting the number of inquiries.

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