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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 1/4/2010

Flipoutz™ are the hot new interactive bracelets featuring personalized coins that are fun to wear and even cooler to share! Join us at where the real world and the cyber world morph into one. Create an owner profile page, register your coins, and track them online as you start the trade and follow along as the coins travel around the world! Collect coins in the real world and friends online as your coins continue to be traded.

Flipoutz™ is all about safe, meaningful, affordable fun. Created by three sibling "tweenagers", Flipoutz™ captures the joy of sharing, the pride of positive self-expression, and the magic of vicarious travel. The coins feature customized artwork and meaningful messages that let kids share their personality with the world when they trade, or "flip-out" their coins. The trades continue online where parents can relax knowing that is a Privo certified, COPPA compliant site and all content is pre-moderated.

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Flipoutz™ Super Starter Kit
How to Trade
The Super Starter Kit includes:
- Bracelet of your choice (plus bonus coin)
- Two random 2-coin packs

Total of 5 coins to fill up your new bracelet!

Bracelet colors include Glow in the Dark, Orange, Hot Pink, Green, Yellow, and Black.

Watch the Flipoutz™ Super Starter Kit Video Watch Video Now
1. Start by purchasing a Flipoutz starter pack
In the pack, you'll get a Flipoutz™ bracelet for holding your coins and you'll get one Flipoutz™ coin. Create a Flipoutz™ profile and you are ready to enter your new coin's serial number and create a coin profile. You can use this profile to track your coin after you trade it.

2. Begin trading your coins

It's that easy! All you need to do is enter the serial numbers from your coins online and then start trading them with your friends. You can then go online and track your old coins as they travel from person to person.
Flipoutz™ Full Display Box
Flipoutz™ Princess Coin
The full display box is intended for sale to retailers and fund-raisers only.

Box includes:
- 1 Retail Display Box (Traypack)
- 24 “Bracelet + 1 Coin” Packs in Retail Packaging
- 75 “Two Coin” Packs in Retail Packaging
This hot pink coin features a golden tiara on top of the word "Princess" that runs across the coin.
This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 1/4/2010