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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 9/29/2008

Zometool's philosophy is to stimulate an awareness and understanding within our global community of the human relationship with our natural and mathematical world, as well as an appreciation for the uniqueness and beauty of nature as expressed in geometry through the use of the sixty-one zone structural system, to endeavor to provide a tool which stimulates in all ages curiosity and awareness, broadminded perspectives and continuing, self-motivated participation and exploration while fostering mutually-beneficial relationships with the entire Zome community, and to pioneer in the use and development of all emerging facets of Zome, the building toy, as well as embracing all current and future technologies that spring forth from the sixty-one zone structural system.
Zometool Creator 1 Kit
Molecular Mania!
Become acquainted with the structure of space by building hundreds of models from simple to profound.

Zometool bridges nature, math, science, art and architecture; this kit can be a great introduction to the Zometool universe.

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Build 28 important molecules using atoms as your building blocks!
Life is composed chiefly of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen, use the enclosed molecule cards as your guide to build water, carbon dioxide and a lot more!

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Zometool DNA Kit
Hyperspace, the final frontier. Think of this as a mental spaceship that will help you project your consciousness straight into the 4th dimension!

Measuring 14" (35cm) in diameter, this beautiful model of the 120-cell will cast amazing shadows, astonish you with the tunnel of love, and could be your first step to learning how to think in 4D (we think of it as a 4-dimensional number 5).

The first Hyperdo ever built took over 2 years to construct; it will take you a lot less but you still won't want to take it apart.

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Build the molecule that's responsible for building you. Learn more about the structure that makes life possible.

DNA contains all the information needed to create and sustain life. Find out what makes DNA like a computer program that runs your body, learn how DNA clones itself and be astonished by the elegance and simplicity of the key to life.

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 9/29/2008
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