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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 12/11/2008

Big Kid Science is your source for fun and scientifically accurate, award-winning, educational products.

Featuring the Max Science Adventure series, which combines beautifully illustrated stories with solid scientific content — perfect for "big kids" or parents reading along with younger children.

2009 is the United Nations designated "International Year of Astronomy" — the perfect time for kids to learn about space with the Max Science Adventure series.

  • Selected by NASA as "Outstanding Educational Products"
  • Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association (grades K–8)
  • "Simply the Coolest Kids' book[s] to come along in years" — book review, Boulder Daily Camera
  • And through our "Max Goes to Schools" program, Big Kid Science has donated Max Science Adventures to more than 10,000 elementary school libraries across the United States.

Retailers: If you are interested in carrying our books in your store, contact our distributor: Independent Publishers Group (IPG)

For additional information contact Big Kid Science founder Jeffrey Bennett.
Max Goes to the Moon - Science Adventures with Max the Dog
Max Goes to Mars - Science Adventures with Max the Dog
Max Goes to The Moon tells the story of how Max the dog and a young girl named Tori undertake a quest to make the first trip to the Moon since the Apollo era. Their trip proves so inspiring to people back on Earth that the nations of the world join together to build a great Moon colony, complete with a university and an astronomical observatory. The colony, with its beautiful views of Earth hanging in the lunar sky, helps inspire everyone with a message of unlimited human potential and the importance of respecting our home planet.

Max Goes to the Moon is the 2009 children's selection for the "One book" community program in Waco, TX.
Max Goes to Mars begins where Max Goes to the Moon left off, with Max getting ready to go on the first human mission to Mars. This time, the trip is too long for his human friend Tori to go along, but she helps him prepare. On Mars, Max makes one of the most important discoveries of all time. After returning home, Max and Tori reflect on the beauty and fragility of our own planet Earth.
Max Goes to Jupiter - Science Adventures with Max the Dog
Max's Ice Age Adventure - Science Adventures with Max the Dog
Prepare to be amazed as you join Max and his friends on an incredible journey to Jupiter. Ride a Space Elevator to orbit, visit Jupiter’s volcanically active moon Io, and send a robotic submarine into the hidden ocean of ice-encrusted Europa. Along the way, learn why Jupiter has been so important in human history, and find out how Max’s mission carries a message of hope and inspiration to people around the world. Scientifically-accurate illustrations and information-packed sidebars enrich this fascinating tale, the third in the acclaimed series of Science Adventures with Max the Dog.
Inspired by the unique combination of literacy and science in Jeffrey Bennett's series of Science Adventures with Max the Dog, the Summit School District (Colorado) created a district-wide "Make Your Own Max Science Adventure" contest for their first annual "Summit Writes Celebration." More than 100 third and fourth graders submitted entries. Series creator Jeffrey Bennett was so impressed with Logan Weinman's winning entry that he decided to help Logan publish it as Max's Ice Age Adventure.

Logan both wrote and illustrated Max's Ice Age Adventure, a story in which Max and Tori travel back in time to the last ice age, where they encounter a saber-tooth tiger and other adventures. Jeffrey Bennett then added science Q&A boxes to address common questions that children might ask as they read the story.
This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 12/11/2008
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