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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 12/3/2008

KidsWealth is a company of educators, financial experts, designers, writers, artists and parents who are dedicated to creating the most effective, enjoyable and easy-to-use educational products that help teach children money management skills and help them build successful money habits.

We know how important it is for kids to learn and master basic money skills, and we're passionate about providing the right educational products to make that happen.


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(12 Money Kits with 12 Trackers)
KidsWealth Money Kit
KidsWealth Trackers
The KidsWealth® Money Kit contains everything that you need to help your kids develop successful habits that are the foundation to financial success.

Kit includes:

Parents Guide: Instructs you on how to get started on the program in 30 minutes.
Kid's Guide: The Kal & Pals characters teach your children what each KidsWealth Account Wallet is for and how to use them.
Account Wallets: The five KidsWealth Account Wallets are color-coded, durable and portable; perfect for young kids getting hands-on experience with real money.
Kid's Pay Calendar with Kid's Pay Stickers: The calendar and stickers allow kids to keep track of their Kid's Pay days, decorated with wonderful scenes of Kal & Pals.
Kid's Pay Agreement: A tool to help you and your kids keep the program running consistently each month.
Five KidsWealth Pencils, a Calculator and decorative Kal & Pals stickers.

Each child requires their own KidsWealth Money Kit to personalize and manage their money in a safe, convenient and organized way. Money Kits come in two colors: Blue or Purple.

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Each 80+ page book is packed full of age-appropriate games, activities, account tracking and more to enhance the learning of the KidsWealth Program.

Game Tracker - ages 4-6
Kids learn about the Kal & Pals characters, strengthen their understanding of the five KidsWealth Accounts and concepts like monetary recognition and value, counting with coins and bills, and making and executing plans.

Activity Tracker - ages 7-9
Kids review and learn the five KidsWealth Accounts. They also learn how to make change with bills and coins, how to solve monetary word problems, and make and execute plans using a decision-making model.

Money Tracker - ages 10-12
Kids learn about the Kal & Pals characters, review and learn the five KidsWealth Accounts, learn percentage splitting and balance, decision-making, goal setting and executing a plan.

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 12/3/2008
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