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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 12/23/2008

The "Super Fun Show" is a curriculum enhancement program presented in a television show format. From the theme song to the closing words "It's the Super Fun Show", the children are exposed to an exhilarating environment where they are encouraged to explore the world around them.
The Super Fun Show DVD
The Super Fun Show CD
The theme of this DVD is about dinosaurs. Your children will be delighted with the dinosaur story and will want to see it over and over and again. Also, you will finds songs that will have your children moving, learning and burning calories. Counting to 100 is also a favorite of many teachers as well as children. This DVD will keep children occupied and delighted as Shawn Brown, the Pied Piper of Early Childhood, strikes it big with this first DVD project.
This CD is loaded with early childhood concepts. Math, Science, Spanish, Cultural diversity, Manners and so much more. This CD will rock your children's world.
Super Fun Show Transitions CD
The Super Fun For Schoolagers CD
Whether you have a large childcare facility or home center this CD will quickly get your children trained to the childcares new pied piper. Parents this one is even good for the ride in the car and the last song of the night. Shawn Brown's personal favorite is "Going Outside".
This CD's music covers States and Capitols, Science, Math, Exercise, Eating Healthy and more.
This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 12/23/2008
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