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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 8/6/2009

Nubia Games Company is a game developer in the heart of Columbus, Indiana. We invent, manufacture and market innovative board games to retailers, distributors and bulk consumers.

Nubia Games is currently looking for a distributor.
Static Soccer
Static Soccer
Static Soccer is an exciting electronic soccer board game, which applies electronic technology with manual applications to provide players with a real soccer game play.

This highly rated board game works like a charm. Its player pegs attract, block, dribble and shoot to score goals. The goalkeepers can move from side to side to attract, block, deflect, catch and pass balls to their team player pegs.

Equipped with electronic technology, the scoreboard colorfully displays various signals such as goal, team scores and time. It also automatically emits the referee's whistle sound effects as in soccer - with a jubilant roar of live soccer fanatics.

Static Soccer was designed for the entertainment of schools, family and organizational sport events. By its DVD manual, players can watch the action and thrill of static soccer while learning how to play and become legends of the game. Have fun playing your static soccer board game brought to you by Nubia Games.
This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 8/6/2009
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