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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 10/5/2009

The teddy bear holds the Pacifier?


The adorable new BinkiBear is a three-for-one solution for comforting baby. BinkiBear combines the classic comfort of the teddy bear with the soothing relief of the pacifier or teether. Having the pacifier attached to the bear allows baby to find her pacifier easily while hugging the teddy bear for more comfort.
In the Crib or On the Go
By attaching the pacifier to this cuddly cute bear, both become easy to find... not just for the parent, but for the baby too. BinkiBear is at a perfectly safe size (9") for baby to find on her own, and to replace the pacifier during the night. That means better sleep for baby, and better sleep for mommy and daddy.

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In the crib, the BinkiBear reduces the frustration of finding the pacifier in the middle of the night, so the whole family can sleep soundly. On the go, the BinkiBear makes traveling nap time possible by adding extra cushion in the stroller; baby can lay his head on the soft bear while using the pacifier. Also, when it’s time to play fetch, finding the BinkiBear is a lot easier than finding a tiny pacifier!

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Born out of Necessity
New and Easy Method for Weaning
BinkiBear was born out of necessity by Jackie Raimondi, an Air Force wife, while overseas in Seoul, Korea. Her son had a bear he loved and adored but he also used a pacifier. Having attempted many times to attach the pacifier to the bear for easy transport, including sliding on the bear's arm, she worked through buttons and Velcro (which could become choking hazards) and came up with the method behind the fantastic BinkiBear product line.

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BinkiBear also provides a new and easy method for weaning baby from the pacifier. No more unnecessary struggles over the pacifier problem! Visit to find out more about how BinkiBear can reduce the time and stress of weaning, and how BinkiBear can reduce the risk of SIDS. Comes with pacifier and teether.

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 10/5/2009
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