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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 4/30/2010

Aero-Motion Inc. first introduced the world famous "Puddle Jumper" hand propelled helicopters in 1975 in San Francisco California. Shortly thereafter, Aero-Motion developed it's Action Hardwood Toy Series. Aero-Motion went on to develop "Aero Props", its best selling Plastic hand propelled helicopter. Aero-Motion, Inc. now produces both wood & plastic models of its famous toy line and specializes in Custom Imprinting for Museums, Toy & Hobby Stores, Gift Stores and Promotional users world wide.
Aero Tops
Aero Props are the easy to fly, best-selling plastic model of the original hand propelled hardwood helicopter, "The Orville Wright Commemorative" Puddle Jumper. Aero Props come in over 20 colors with scientific flight instructions and a choice of two POP displays. Great Quality, Great Colors, Great Price Point and Great Sell Through. We design and customize names, logos and images and our Custom Imprinting is proven to greatly increase sales.

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Aero Tops are the newest Finger Top model manufactured by Aero-Motion, Inc. Aero Tops are easy to spin with great stability and a long gyroscopic spinning time. This causes a hypnotic effect on people! Great souvenir value when imprinted. Priced to sell, Aero Tops come in Neon, Glitter and Transparent colors. Our early buy special makes it easy and inexpensive to get set up and run your Custom Imprinted Aero Top order.

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Nostalgic Display Series
Classic Displays
Orville Wright, Sir Issac Newton and Tom Thumb create a fun and nostalgic feeling to our POP displays. The old fashioned theme features the History and Scientific Principles of each toy. This fun and educational information is included in the instruction booklets that come with the toys. Both the Natural Wood and Assorted Colored Wood toys sell well in this original display series.

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The Classic POP displays feature classic colors and fit into a wide range of retail environments. The same great selling toys are marketed as the Classic Flyer, Classic Top and Classic Yo Yo. Each toy comes with a four color instruction booklet demonstrating how to operate, perform tricks and play games.

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 4/30/2010