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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 4/7/2010

Tie-Not: a New and Innovative Way to Tie Water Balloons! Now kids can tie their own water balloons in seconds. This patented design makes tying water balloons fast easy and fun.
Safe, Super-Fast & Easy
Our package comes with balloon filling nozzle and water balloons along with one knot tying device. With a quick spin of Tie-Not, your water balloon is tied in seconds.

Let the fun begin!

Please note that Tie-Not is made in the USA from recycled materials.

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1. Start by filling balloon and looping over the top.

2. While holding neck of balloon (make sure neck of balloon is under tool), proceed to spin counter-clockwise in a full circle (360- like a helicopter).

3. Slide end of balloon through slot until the end is resting in recessed slot.

4. Quickly pull tool and balloon in opposite directions.

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 4/7/2010
TDmonthly > ToyShow Preview > Balloons > TIE-NOT INC. Previous | Next

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