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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 6/19/2008


We believe that children require gentleness and warmth to find their path in life. By creating playthings of beauty, truth and goodness, we devote ourselves to children so they walk into the future with kindness and confidence. Enchantmints provides refreshing alternatives to the often harsh toys of the mass market. We believe every impression that enters a young child’s heart and mind remains for a lifetime.
Just in Case music Treasure Box
Horse Ranch music Treasure Box
Specially designed to be cherished for years, our Treasure Boxes are just right for keeping jewelry, collectables, photographs and precious little finds. Outside are endearing illustrations in a gentle wash of patterns and colors. Inside is a safe home for all those happy memories and personal treasures.
To a horse lover, there is no such thing as too many horses. For once the soul of a horse has captured your heart, there is no turning back. Dedicated to horse lovers everywhere, our collection of horse treasure boxes features these graceful animals experiencing the joy of just being themselves. The illustrations are dreamy, and appeal to all ages.
Ballerina music Treasure Box
Discover Your World Music Treasure Box
The audience is hushed, the curtain goes up and the magic begins. Those delightful memories are held safely in this beautiful box and carefully watched over with a twirl of the Ballerina. The four drawers are the perfect place for tiny treasures to find a comfortable place to await their next call.
Once upon a time, there were legends and nursery rhymes, fables and adventures, stories to be told. This beautiful music box, one in a series of four other Storybook Treasure boxes, will find a worthy place in a special child’s room. This unusual box has secret drawers conveniently tucked into the corners for a whole new kind of storage.
This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 6/19/2008
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