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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 2/27/2008

Meet The Shrunks™ Family

We're on a world-wide mission to help kids eliminate their fears. What are you afraid of: Is it the dark? Is it what's under your bed? Or, is it those unexplained noises in the middle of the night? Whatever your fear, we're inventing some of the coolest products on the planet to help make your fear disappear.
Ududolls by the Shrunks'
Sunny - Fearless Guard Dog
What are Ududolls (you, do?) Based on the common fears that Kids have.

Ududolls was created by the Shrunks’ to eliminate the fear of the unknown, things that go bump in the night or make those unexplained noises. Making the unknown, known. The Udu’s bring friendship and an explaination of the unknown. Befriend your fear and collect them all. So, what are you afraid of?

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Are Your Children Having Trouble  Getting to Sleep at Night?

Do they hear strange noises? Do they imagine things lurking in their closet or under their bed? Are they frightened of the unknown sneaking into their room? Or, is it what goes bump in the night?  Sunny, the Fearless Guard Dog will help make their fear disappear. Specially trained by The Shrunks', he sleeps with one eye open and one eye closed, so that he can watch over you when you are a sleeping. So, what are you afraid of?

  • Available in two sizes.
  • Constructed of enviromentally friendly ATBC PVC.
  • Collectible character toy.
  • Glow in the dark medallion.

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Fear Bust'r Tool Kit
The Shrunk's Airbeds
Everything you need to eliminate your fear and a manage a fear free zone

The Shrunks’ Fear Bust’r Tool Kit contains everything you need to eliminate your fear and manage a safe zone in your bedroom or on an adventure. Use the Door Signs on bedroom and closet doors to send the anti-fright message to intruders, the Safe-Zone Barricade Tape to create a safe zone through out the house and the Blow'r Whistle to alert those around you of your victory in the fight against fright! So, what are you afraid of?

Each kit contains:

  • 2 Fear Free Metal Room Signs
  • 1 roll of Safe-Zone Barricade Tape
  • 1 Blow’r Fear Fright Whistle

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The Safest Airbed that you can buy

The Shrunks‘ Family Toy Company proudly introduces two innovative airbeds designed to meet the needs of children, teens, and families.   The Shrunks’ children's Sleep'r Airbed and Stor'r Airbed assures families will get more than a great night's sleep; they will get a non-toxic one.  The Shrunks’ airbeds are the first to offer airbeds constructed of PVC containing less than 0.01% phthalates.  The Shrunks’ Airbeds not only comply with the State of California's recent legislation restricting the use of PVC containing more than 0.01% phthalates for children's toys child care products, they exceed it by 500 ppm! Win the "Fight Against Fright".

  • Available in Twin and Toddler sizes.
  • Constructed of PVC Phthalates-Free material.
  • Superior I-beam construction with patented design.
  • Comfort, convenience and style.

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 2/27/2008
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