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August 2020 | Vol. XIX - No. 8


MGA Entertainment foiled a counterfeiter’s attempt to export fake L.O.L Surprise! products

MGA Entertainment foiled a counterfeiter’s attempt to export fake L.O.L Surprise! products from the port in Shenzhen, China.

Isaac Larian, CEO and Founder of MGA Entertainment responded to the court’s ruling: “I am very happy to hear these criminals will pay restitution for their crime. We will continue to exercise legal actions to any and all counterfeiters who try to export our stolen intellectual property. Without thorough safety checks, these fake products could be potentially hazardous.”

The Chinese-based company behind the counterfeit activity is Guangzhou Yueteng Supply Chain Management Co. (GYSCM), Ltd. As part of the court’s decision, GYSCM was required to pay damages to MGAE, cover all costs related to destruction of the products, and provide an apology letter acknowledging their wrongdoing. That letter can be found at:

Since the launch of L.O.L Surprise!, MGAE has taken various legal measures to catch counterfeiters that try to export and import the company’s stolen L.O.L. Surprise! intellectual property. To help fans understand the difference between the real L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and the fake ones, a reference sheet has been created. To date, in China, we roughly had more than 20 raids against counterfeiters last year, the seizure reached up to 300K units.

Added Larian: “We will continue to remain aggressive and bring legal action against companies who try to steal from MGAE."


Writer's Bio: Since 2012, Laura has spent much of her time around children conducting research in development and growth of children. Her diverse experience around children has enabled her to see firsthand how playing with toys can be one of the richest sources of learning and communication for kids. Read more articles by this author


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