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November 2023 | Vol. XXII - No. 11


Fun Furnishings: Crafting the Perfect Haven for Growing Boy

Hey there, 15-year-old wiz! Want an epic room? Start with superhero colors (red, blue, yellow) or a cosmic vibe (dark blues, purples, glow-in-the-dark stars). Change interests? Try a rotating gallery or a "Wall of Fame." Save money by thrifting and DIY superheroizing. Share with siblings by merging themes or having room "conventions." Fight clutter with a "Hero's Hideaway" and a gadget pegboard. Transition to teenagehood with a tech theme and mark your growth on a wall. Be a room maintenance superhero with a "Fix-It Kit" and a rewards system. Your room, your legend – go for it!

1. Let's Get Colorful!

Create a superhero theme with red, blue, and yellow colors, giving your room that comic book vibe. Add posters of your favorite heroes for extra pizzazz. Embrace a galaxy theme with dark blues and purples, complete with glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling. Explore DIY color-changing LED lights that you can control with a remote, allowing you to change the room's vibe with a click.

2. When Interests Change Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Craft a rotating wall gallery. Hang up corkboards where you can easily swap out posters, art, and mementos whenever your interests evolve. Create a "Wall of Fame" to display your passions. Design shelves or pegboards that can hold different collectibles, from action figures to model rockets, depending on your current fave. Get an adjustable desk and chair, perfect for drawing, gaming, or working on your superhero novel – all in one epic space.

3. Money Matters: The Thrifty Bedroom Explorer

Hunt for treasure at thrift stores. You might find a vintage desk or an old lamp that just needs a bit of love to become your next favorite room feature. Give your furniture a "superhero makeover." Paint your desk or shelves with cool designs or cover them with comic book pages using decoupage. Use your room as a canvas for your artistic side. Create your own posters and wall art, saving money while adding a personal touch to your space.

4. The Roomie Chronicles: Sharing Space with Siblings

Collaborate on a theme that combines both your interests. For example, merge a superhero and space theme to create a cosmic hero hideout. Divide your room into "zones" with a shared area in the middle and separate spaces on each side, where you can each express your unique style. Plan a room "convention" where you take turns decorating different parts of the room. Let your sibling showcase their interests one month, and you do the next. 5. Battle the Clutter Monster: Your Nemesis Design a "Hero's Hideaway" under your bed. Use storage bins and shelves to keep your stuff organized while maintaining that super-secret superhero lair vibe. Hang a pegboard on one wall for your gadgets and collectibles. It's like a customizable tool belt for your room. Make cleaning up a game! Time yourself to see how quickly you can put everything in its place. Challenge your friends or family to a "clean-up race."

5. The Transition to Teenagehood: Unleash the Teen Titan

Embrace a tech theme with sleek and minimalist design elements. Set up a gaming station or a cozy reading nook with smart lighting. Add a growth chart to one of your walls, marking your height as you grow through your teenage years – it's like your very own superhero origin story. Consider a mural or wall decal that represents your journey into the teenage world, whether it's a skyline, a galaxy, or your favorite superhero team.

6. The Superhero of Maintenance: Your Secret Weapon

Create a "Fix-It Kit" with basic tools like a screwdriver, hammer, and tape. It's your utility belt for minor room repairs. Keep a checklist or a whiteboard in your room to remind you of weekly or monthly tasks, like dusting, organizing, or checking if any superhero posters need rescuing. Set up a reward system for yourself. For every task you complete, you earn "superhero points" that you can redeem for special treats or activities, like a movie night with friends. Now, with these extra ideas in your arsenal, your room transformation is going to be not just epic but also loads of fun! Go forth, 14-year-old dudes, and make your space truly legendary!

Writer's Bio: Since 2012, Laura has spent much of her time around children conducting research in development and growth of children. Her diverse experience around children has enabled her to see firsthand how playing with toys can be one of the richest sources of learning and communication for kids. Read more articles by this author


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