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Children are infused with a delicious wonder from the moment they are born, intrigued by all that surrounds them. ALEX knows this and is adamant about sharing this knowledge with parents around the world. ALEX is an exceptional company that is dedicated to creating meaningful products that encourage creative play, high quality art projects, and innovative toys that blend fantasy and development. With a whimsical touch, a little dazzle and glint of imagination, ALEX products aim to fulfill any fantasy a child dreams up. Let their imagination run wild as they take these tools and discover what they love, what they want and who they are.

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Brighten up any day with Alex’s new Shaggy Chic Lamp Activity Kit. This dazzling new lamp from Alex is sure to lighten things up around your child’s room or wherever you want to put it! And the lamp’s most magnificent feature of all is your creative child! Just one turn of your new lamp’s switch will instantly spark her imagination, inspiring her to create and design her very own lamp. Perfect for hip girls, aged 7 and up, who’d rather set the trend than follow it, this lamp allows your child’s creativity to run as fast as lightening.
Let your child’s imagination go wild with ALEX’s new Jungle Marble Cascade. This unique and exciting toy lets children explore their creativity as they build and design their own crazy marble maze. Children will roar with laughter as they see their maze come to life as they drop a marble in one end and watch it journey through the jungle in pursuit of the finish line. Designed for children three and up, this is the perfect toy to let young ones explore their creative side.

Shaggy Chic Hipster CD Hanger
Tub time will never be the same again after using Alex’s Rub-a-Dub Draw in the Tub Coloring Boards. Coloring boards come in three fantastic sets that are sure to have your little one completely enthralled during bath time. Each set comes with two different coloring boards made of soft foam that sticks perfectly to the walls around your tub when wet. Perfect for children ages 2 and up, the featured sets are Dino and Space, Garden and Jungle, and Fish and Farm. Let children express themselves through drawing and coloring their favorite themes.
Try this one on for size! Become an ultra-hip fashion designer and outfit your wall with ALEX’s Shaggy Chic Hipster CD Hanger. Perfect for the style-conscious girl, these retro jeans have six wide pockets to hold her favorite CDs and the rest is up to her imagination. She will be armed with bright sequin strips, smooth suede lacing, and cool beaded leather trim that she can weave throughout. She can also decorate with sparkly rhinestones, groovy puff flowers and crazy plush animal print strips that will certainly draw anyone’s attention wherever she puts them. And of course, no ultra-chic jeans are complete with out a cool plush heart. And voila, her design will surely be ready for the runway.

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Archived 4/7/03

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