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Live Oak Games develops high quality games for the whole family. Ice Lake, for example, is a unique new style of game that's perfect for both adults and children. Fun for 2-4 players.

You won't be playing down to your kids. You'll be playing to keep up!

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SiegeStones and IceLake will both be at ToyFair in the DiscoverGames booth (location #1340).


New for 2004: SiegeStones
SiegeStones is a game of abstract strategy. Players alternate placing pieces (either stones or towers) on the board. Stones threaten towers, controlling them. Whoever gains control of four towers, wins. Stones are also affected by towers. The more towers next to it, the less effective the stones. One well-placed tower may free two others. One carefully positioned stone could win the game. You have 20 stones each and 9 towers to vie for. Can you take the towers?

SiegeStones is an exciting new abstract strategy game for 2-4 players. In the tradition of the classics, this wooden game looks great and is a blast to play. A typical game takes between 10 and 30 minutes, and rules are included for series play. The rules take about 5 minutes to learn, and most players become comfortable with them during their first game. Mastering the strategy, however, is another matter!
Introducing Ice Lake
Ice Lake Wins Awards
Ice Lake is a fun new style of board game where players try to be the last person standing on the ice. Plot out your moves, move your skater, and draw your path on the board. You're skating on thin ice, leaving cracks as you go. If you can skate a circle around your friends...Sploosh! They're in the water. Of course, they're trying to do the same as you. A fun game of lighthearted strategy, great for children and adults alike, Ice Lake is perfect for families. You won't be "playing down" to your kids - you'll be playing to keep up. Just as fun for 4 players as it is for 2 or 3!
Included in the 2004 Games 100, and winner of the Creative Child Seal of Excellence, Ice Lake is now winning over reviewers as well as customers. It's unique style of play, coupled with the fun people have playing it, is hard to resist. As Games Magazine puts it, "A relaxing skate on a winter's day becomes a fast-paced, hilarious struggle to outguess your competitors and stay afloat...Lasting about 10 minutes, the game is suitable for playing as a series. All it's cracked up to be!"

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