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The Brainy Baby Company, LLC 

Brainy Baby is coming to Toy Fair 2003! The award-winning Brainy Baby® video series offers solid educational content that makes learning fun for children ages 6 months to 5 years! Brainy Baby® videos, DVDs and now music CDs are a favorite educational item among moms, dads, retailers, schools, libraries and others! Benefits of Brainy Baby® videos and DVDs to your customers include:

- 45 minutes in length, which is 50% longer than most educational videos
- Teaching children through solid educational content
- Designed to stimulate cognitive development
- Ethnically diverse
- Intriguing music, including classical and traditional, and memorable rhymes
- Colorful animation and real life objects to keep small children’s attention

To learn more about Small Fry Productions, Brainy Baby's sister company, go to Toy Directory's Toy Fair Review Educational category.

Brainy Baby: Booth 6225 (Javits) and Booth #151 at International Toy Center

Small Fry Productions: Booth 6221 (Javits)


Left Brain
Right Brain
This unique video (one of a 2-part series) is for our littlest viewers – perfect for Baby’s first video! These 2 tapes work together to help develop both Left and Right sides of the brain. Left Brain features classical music and gentle voices, and focuses on such cognitive skills as Logic, Patterns, Letters & Numbers, Sequencing, Analyzing details, and more!
The second of a 2-part series for our littlest viewers, these 2 tapes work together to engage your child’s whole brain (logic and creative) to help boost your baby’s intellect. Right Brain features classical music and gentle voices, and focuses on such cognitive skills as Creative Thinking, Art & Drawing, Rhymes, Spatial Reasoning, and Imagination, Intuition, and more!
In this video a child will learn the fundamentals of Art including color, texture and mediums. Finger painting, sculpture and classic art images combined with fun music and lots of kids, will help bring out the inner artist in any child.
Rhythm, tempo, harmony and pitch are just some of the musical basics that a child will learn in this video. Toe-tapping sing-alongs and colorful animations will get children moving to the music.

The Brainy Baby Company, LLC
1200 Alpha Drive, Suite B
Alpharetta, GA


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