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GrayMatter Games  

The game that everyone can play and anyone can win!

Play the game that works your GrayMatter! You’ll need to think hard, strategize harder and use lots of common sense to win. You’ll travel the game board, landing on spaces that direct what kind of questions you’ll be asked, what your penalty will be if you get it wrong and whether you get to wager on your ability to get it right. Try one? Your category choices are Food Facts and Water Works. Food Facts? Great. Here’s your question: “Which was the first company to introduce frozen foods to the consumer market: a) Green Giant, b) Pillsbury, c) Birdseye or d) Dare.” The answer? “In the early 1900’s, Clarence Birdseye invented a system to freeze food.” Game comes with 480 question cards, game board, 4 playing pieces, a die and instruction sheet. For 2 or more players, in teams or head-to-head.


“GrayMatter… Everyone loves it because everyone’s Got It!”
Get your GrayMatter Today!
GrayMatter™, the cool new board game sensation that’s fun for everyone! Combine skill, strategy and luck in the ultimate test of ‘Choice, Chance and Knowledge’. Getting started is quick and easy, our ‘20 Second Quick Start’ instruction card lets players simply ‘open the box and play’. GrayMatter™ takes about an hour to play and can be played in teams or head-to-head making it ideal for social gatherings with friends and families of all ages and interests.

Ideally suited to family play (ages 10 and up), adults both young and old, college aged markets and mixed group settings, it’s great for team or head-to-head play. GrayMatter delivers more by providing cool and informative follow-up facts that pack an educational punch. GrayMatter is the game that everyone can play and anyone can win!

MSRP: $34.95 USA $44.95 Canada
GrayMatter President and founder, James Stuart, at an in-store signing.

GrayMatter is available at thousands of fine toy, gift and specialty stores across North America.

GrayMatter™… the fastest launched independent board game in Canadian history!

An F.G. Bradley ‘Best Game’ Winner

“We couldn’t keep GrayMatter in stock this holiday season!” (MasterMind Store manager)

    GrayMatter offers so much more than just trivia…
Get ready to meet Junior…
  • Strategy - how you play GrayMatter™ is as important as what you know. Combine strategy, risk, knowledge and luck!
  • Choice… players choose their subject, so it’s always interesting and relevant no matter what your age or interests.
  • Chance… Are you a risk taker or do you prefer to play it safe? Player’s can choose to accept a Gamble, Wager or play like a High Roller… with GrayMatter™, the choice is yours.
  • Empowering… GrayMatter always provides a choice of potential answers so… “I don’t know”, will never be your answer!
  • Knowledge… GrayMatter™ delivers cool and interesting follow up facts because “if the question is worth asking… the answer is worth knowing!”
  • An independent panel of 20 testers scored GrayMatter™ ahead of Trivial Pursuit, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Tri-bond for overall playability, player enjoyment, team interaction and subject matter appeal.’
Retailer WowyZowy stop by to talk about their favorite new game with Paul Crouch, VP Sales (center) and Deanne Ferraro, Director of U.S. Sales (right) Trade: Come see GrayMatter at Toy Fair 2004, in New York booth #6160 in Toronto booth #214
…coming later this year.

GrayMatter Games
710 Dorval Drive, Suite 514
Oakville, Ontario L6K 3V7 Canada


Archived 1/28/04

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