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ScienceWiz™ is renowned for its outstanding line of science books and kits. Each of the ScienceWiz™ kits is appropriate for a specific age range and covers a specific topic in science.

Our goal is to teach science to children.

We love what we teach.

We hope you can tell.

ScienceWiz™ Cool Circuits
Part of a line of ScienceWiz Thinking Games, this puzzle game created by Harry L. Nelson and Hiroshi Yamamoto provides 40 challenges at different skill levels. Players put a puzzle card down and solve the puzzle by making sure all the pieces are looped together, at which time the board will light up with the solution.

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Projects in Electrostatics! Build 6 different devices to explore CHARGE! Build a hair raising Van de Graaff Generator; Detect charge with an electroscope; Store charge in a Leyden jar; Spin an electrostatic motor; Transport charge with an electrophorus; Ring a Franklin bell. Complete 15 Activities with these devices, including: Spew a glitter fountain; Make your hair stand on end with electrostatic CHARGE!; Generate large sparks with an electrostatic generator; Spin an electrostatic motor; Explore and detect plus and minus charges; Propel objects with an electrostatic generator.

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Chemistry Plus: The Alphabet of the Universe
Blast off with Newton's laws of motion and prepare to excel in PHYSICS! Develop a fundamental understanding of inertia, the laws of motion, centripetal force, mass, weight, velocity and acceleration. Concepts are covered with time tested experiments and highly visual illustrations. This kit includes a balance scale for measuring mass, a stopwatch accurate to 1/100 of a second to clock speed and a jet car that really zooms.
Awards: Dr. Toy's Best Toys Award; Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Toy Award; Creative Child Magazine Award

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40 page science book with materials. An exciting set of selected experiments (Split water into rocket fuel! Pop hydrogen! Flame test salts! Grow huge crystals! Model 3D electron orbitals!) designed to make elements elementary and explore the periodicity of the periodic table. Learn about atoms and the stuff they are made of - protons, neutrons and electrons. This beautifully illustrated book takes children through the alphabet of the universe.

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