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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 10/13/2008

Robbins Toy, a toy-making division of Robbins Lumber a family owned fifth generation Maine Company. Robbins Toy's are made of pine wood that has been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and are coated with non VOC finishes. The products are environmentally friendly as well as safe, educational for children, and fun for the whole family.

2009 Toy Fair Booth # 6143
Lob the Lobstah
Each game is made in Maine and contains:
The object of this game is to toss -- or lob -- the most Lobster Bags into the Lobster Pot Target being the player or team of players to score the most points. Be sure to catch the Rare Blue Lobster to score additional points.

Each player or team of players starts with 3 bags -- 2 of the same color and 1 rare colored lobster. Determine and measure the distance away from the target that is appropriate to the players age and ability and mark the toss line. Take turns tossing 1 lobster at a time behind the toss line. Collect lobsters and determine the points scored until a player or team reaches the winning score.
1 Hand-crafted Eastern White Pine Lobster Pot target with authentic lobster netting and rugged aluminum hoop.

1 Mesh netted bag with industrial weight draw string.

6 Hand-sewn lobster bags filled with Maine mustard seed (2 red, 2 orange-gold, 1 "rare" royal blue and 1"rare" turquoise.

Ultimate Spinner
Made in Maine, each package contains:
This game has a total of 12 games in one. Educational and fun for the whole family to play.

The activity discs are great for home and in the classroom. Our game is very useful in teaching children to learn the alphabet, numbers, basic math equations, and how to tell time. If your child finds certain games and activities too challenging, try using the "Considering Tender Hearts" rules in the instructions. Have fun playing!

Watch the Ultimate Spinner Video Watch Video Now
1 Pine Wood Base Platter
1 Pine Wood Handarm Spinner
5 Game/Activity Discs
1 Instruction Disc
1 Spinner Speedway Racetrack
4 Pine Wood Race Cars
12 Addition Math Cards
12 Subtraction Math Cards
12 Multiplication Math Cards
60 Spin~do Game Prompt Cards
2 Clock Hands
2 Score Pads

PO Box 9
Searsmont, ME 04973
Ph: 207-342-5221
Fax: 207-342-5201
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