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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 8/27/2009

BRIK-A-BLOK® toy systems provide a fun and easy way for children to recreate the world around them on a child-size scale. Driven by their boundless imagination, and guided only by the simple instructions that come with the toy systems, children are given full artistic license to create architectural structures of their own design. Panels that can be put together in a snap deliver hours of safe quality play time all year long.

BRIK-A-BLOK® toy systems are merely responding to a fundamental desire that all children have to build their own play space where they can let their imaginations roam free. Be it a fort, a tree house, a play house, a castle, a teepee or a tent, you name it, children from all cultures the world over are captivated and inspired by construction activities. And if they haven’t built their perfect space, they’ve certainly dreamed of building it.
BRIK-A-BLOK is a powerful tool for children development. The BRIK-A-BLOK™ toy system provides an easy means for any child to recreate the world that surrounds them, at their scale. Easy to assemble panels come together to give kids the power to build their own world. Creative freedom coupled with our toy system liberates kids to custom build the perfect fort, playhouse, or any other structure they care to imagine. The sky is the limit. The BRIK-A-BLOK™ toy system can be used inside the house or outside. When play time is over, kids can simply disassemble and store the set in the storage bag provided. Gigantic structures can be disassembled and stored in a small 16” x 16” x 23” space ready for the next design to be conjured. Simply magic.

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The BRIK-A-BLOK™ toy system comprises of 46 construction panels, 28 flat joiners, and 28 right angle corner joiners. 102 parts in total which will provide years of enjoyment. Each set is sold in its reusable storage bag. Panels snap together simply and easily. Joiners can be added to structure new creations.

The instruction manual provided shows several examples of great play structures that can be easily built. That said, the power of the BRIK-A-BLOK™ system puts creation in the hands of the child, where thousands of different structures can be imagined and built by your kids.

(Product Image above depicts two BRIK-A-BLOK-46 sets)
The possibilities are almost infinite. Combine sets to even increase the fun factor. Have the kids in the neighborhood get together to have a BRIK-A-BLOK™ party, filling the lawn or play room with incredible structures! Once the structure is completed, the fun continues with hours if not days of play in the built structures.
All aspects of BRIK-A-BLOK™ toys have been engineered with child safety in mind. Used as specified, our construction systems will provide years of safe fun. Only the highest quality plastics have been chosen to ensure a safe play environment.
2162 De La Province
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada J4G 1R7
Ph: 450.646.2221
Fax: 450.646.2255
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