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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 12/2/2008

The Toot Scoot is a new smart sturdy bike for kids. Its well-built construction, and thoughtful design make playtime fun and safe for kids ages 2-5.

The original Toot Scoot was created by Buck for his one-year-old son as a Christmas gift. Buck rides BMX bikes as well as races motocross and wanted to see his son on a bike as soon as he could. Seth, Bucks son, soon started associating himself with the bike, playing with the wheels and pushing around on the bike. Not long after this Seth was a pro, whizzing around and constantly stealing attention at every park they went to.
Toot Scoot
Looks Like a Real Bike
The Toot Scoot has no pedals or training wheels. Children sit on the seat while pushing off the ground with their feet, scooting themselves and the bike forward. By first learning balance, coordination and motor skills on the Toot Scoot, children as well as parents will find the transition to a traditional two wheel bike much easier than without a Toot Scoot.

Available in Red, Blue, Black, and White.

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The Toot Scoot weighs approximately seven pounds and is constructed of steel tubing. There are chrome accents on the bike and round, rubber cushioned handle bar grips. The rubber helps to prevent scratching walls and protects the Toot Scoot when dropped. The wheels are made out of a durable plastic rubber material which means no need to fill tires with air. Also, the Toot Scoot has wider than normal wheels, making it easier for a child to balance on the bike. The handle bar and seat are both adjustable.

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No Pedals or Training Wheels
Teaches Balance
Training wheels are counterproductive and tend to be nothing more than a crutch for children. Also, they can cause traumatic events when it comes time to remove them. Training wheels can bend and become dangerous as well as stick easily into grooves, underbrush and cracks in sidewalks. Toot Scoots are easy to maneuver as well as light enough for a child to pick up and carry anywhere to ride.

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The Toot Scoot is very easy to use! It is ridden just like a foot to floor push toy with kid power fueling it. Kids sit on the seat and scoot themselves along by using their feet, and eventually will coast with their feet in the air, while learning to balance themselves out as they lean from one side to the other. Children will typically walk/ride it the first time or two they use it and then usually coast with their feet up after a few days to a week. Different children learn at different paces.

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