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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 8/6/2010

Our challenge is to challege others, to have fun by providing fun, to make everyone feel smart, to make everyone feel stupid, and to do things that make everyone say, “Jeezle Pete’s!"

The Jeezle Pete’s! initial board game launch is Triviathon.

Triviathon meets consumer demands for faster paced games, allows for flexibility in the number of players, gives every player a unique competitive advantage based on their personality, and focuses on each player’s intellectual strengths, all while maintaining the highest level of fun and group interaction. In addition, Triviathon offers new concepts never before used in family/party board games. Find out more at

JEEZLE PETE'S! introduces TRIVIATHON... fast-paced trivia for smart AND stupid people!

Triviathon will have players singing, dancing, arm wrestling, cheering, cheating, and more as they compete in a game that puts each player's unique cognitive, physical, and social skills to the test, all while trying to win a race moving at speeds of 0, 1, 2, or 3 spaces based on trivia questions they don’t even have to know the answers to!

Number of players: 2-12 | Ages: 8-128

Made in the USA

Visit for more information!

Watch the Triviathon Video Watch Video Now
There are 12 characters included in the game, each with their own special move that can be used once during the game. Characters include: The Flirt, The Hot Shot, The Troublemaker, The Whiz, The Party Animal, The Cheater, The Rich Kid, The Jokester, The Bully, The Sore Loser, The Athlete, and The Cheerleader. Your unique personality or special talent is your unique advantage in the game!

Put yourself into the game: Create custom characters for yourself, your whole family and all of your friends (real or imaginary) at for FREE! Choose your name, color, accessories and special move.
The Game
Race around the board at speeds of zero to three spaces based on trivia questions! You don't have to know the answers (but it helps). Just answer A, B, C, or D and move accordingly. There are three types of trivia cards: Numbers, Lists, and Colors.

How many spaces do you want to move?
A. The number of countries that border the Sargasso Sea
B. The number of hearts in an octopus
C. The number of people named Oscar to have ever won an Oscar
D. The number of dogs that survived the Titanic

How many spaces do you want to move?
LIST: Blue Striped Crow, Swale, Great Egg Fly, Down Hunch, Monarchos, Sea Hero
A. The number of butterflies listed
B. The number of Kentucky Derby winners listed
C. The number of the Dr. Suess characters listed
D. The number of food dishes listed

To what colored space do you want to move?
A. The color of the dress Pebbles Flintstone usually wore
B. The color celebrated by Protestants in Northern Ireland on July 12th
C. The color of the lowest valued balls in a game of snooker
D. The color of the star that appears on the Vietnam flag

Triviathon was named the GAME OF THE YEAR in 2009 by Creative Child Magazine, and in the December issue of GAMES Magazine Triviathon was featured as one of the years best 100 new games headed into 2010 ranking as the #1 Party Game of the United States -- and #2 in the world! Check out these and other awards on our website:
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Batesville, IN 47006
Ph: 513-265-2939
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