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Mahdavi Toys, Inc. (MTI) is a unique provider of educational action figures in the toy industry. Founded by Paymohn Mahdavi, CEO, in 1999, Mahdavi Toys seeks to provide fun and historical education in the pursuit of happiness through various historically based action figures and software, offering long lasting education into the minds of our youth. Our San Diego based company takes a well rounded approach to children’s lives. We believe that introducing toys based on stories read and taught at school enriches play and school time simultaneously.

Half mortal, half god, Achilles was the mightiest of the Greeks who fought in the Trojan War. He was the hero of Homer´s Iliad, and perhaps the most well known Greek soldier to this day. His mother wanted to immortalize him by dipping his body into the river Styx. Holding the baby by his heel, she immersed her son in the sacred waters which engulfed his entire body, save for the spot he was dangled by. He thus became immortal everywhere on his body making him untouchable, except for his heel. He became the strongest warrior in the Greek army; the Trojan War could not have been won without him. After many years of fighting, Achilles finally defeated and killed his longtime rival, Hector, the great Trojan Hero. He dragged Hectorís corpse around the walls of Troy for many days to boast his victory. His glory did not last long, however, and he quickly met a similar fate when he was shot in the heel by Hectorís younger brother, Paris, the prince of Troy. The heel remained his only weak spot, and let to his ultimate demise.
Odysseus ruled the mighty island kingdom of Ithaca. Known for his cleverness, cunning, sneakiness and charm, he was among the most famous Greek leaders in the Trojan War. He inspired the tale of Homer´s Odyssey, and was, as his name suggests, the hero. Odysseus fought bravely in the Trojan War, and was known as one of the shrewdest fighters. It was he who came up with the idea of the Trojan Horse that allowed the Greeks access to the great city of Troy. This clever idea led to the defeat of the Trojans and the eventual Greek victory. Without Odysseusí astute mind, the Greeks would never have built the Trojan horse and won the war. Following the Greek triumph, Odysseus went on his famous journey where he fought with Cyclops and defeated many other monsters and beasts all in his attempt to return home. He is still remembered to this day when pilgrims and wayward travelers of all ages and backgrounds make their long journeys home.
Aeneas, half man-half god, founder of the Roman Empire, was one of the few Trojans that survived the war. Because his mother is the goddess Venus, he was protected by her powers, and thus left unharmed throughout the war. He was destined for greatness and survival, therefore after the defeat of the Trojans, Aeneas traveled to Italy to found the Roman Empire. Throughout his journey to Rome he endured many varied obstacles, from battling the terrifying Underworld to having his notorious romance with Queen Dido of Carthage. During the Trojan War, Aeneas was a model of the perfect soldier. Always putting his duties first, he was a brave and noble fighter. He never let anything get in the way of his duty, not even love.
Hector was the greatest warrior in the Trojan Army and one of the strongest men in the entire war. One of the two princes of the great kingdom of Troy, Hector was also a hero in Homerís Iliad. Hector and Achilles were the two greatest heroes and soldiers in the Trojan War and were destined to fight each other in one of the greatest battles of the war. However, Hector, calm and royal like Aeneas, was never as wild and fierce as Achilles. Soon after Achilles defeated Hector in a great battle and dragged his body around the battlefield behind his chariot, Hectorís younger brother, Prince Paris, exacted the familyís revenge by famously ending Achillesí life. Hector lived on as one of the greatest heroes and has become a legend equal to Achilles.
9775 La Jolla Farms Road
La Jolla, 92037
Ph: 858-945-1840
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