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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 2/20/2009

Bubble Thing! Blow the World's Biggest Bubbles!

The Bubble Thing was invented in 1984 by New York architect David Stein to amuse his baby daughter. It started the giant bubble sport of today. In 1988 it set the first-ever Guinness record for soap bubbles. Length: 50 ft. Volume: 240 cubic feet. The open-and-closeable fabric loop it pioneered has been the standard for Guinness giant bubble records ever since. Four million Bubble Things are now in circulation---with a perfect 25-year safety record. The Klutz Press (owned by Scholastic) has been our licensee since 1986, and in 2008 we added Cyber-Kidz. Bubble Things last for years, the packaging recycles, and we offset our carbon footprint by planting trees. (To see how your company can help, scroll down.)

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Order Bubble Things online at
or email David Stein at 212-663-2325.

New York Toy Fair booth #5150
Bubble Thing!
Bubble Thing Deluxe!
Blow The World’s Biggest Bubbles!

Yes, 20-footers your first time out. (It’s so easy, the breeze often does it for you.) Dip your fabric loop in the soap bucket, swing it sideways and—WOW! Then start open-and-closing the loop so the giant bubbles fly free and WOW!—Enormous, gorgeous, soaring, long-lasting, drive-kids-wild, all-colors-of-the-rainbow, jawdroppingly-wonderful bubbles. Ages 6 to 96.

Invented in 1984 by New York architect David Stein, the Bubble Thing is without equal in performance. The featherweight capillary fabric, the sliding open-and-close control, the easy swing of the single handle (able to follow eddies of the air) all make Bubble Thing uniquely fun and versatile. You can bubble whales, serpents, globes, doubles, triples, chains, bubble-in-a-bubble, kid-in-a-bubble, and—New!---play The Popping Game.

Package includes full instructions and FREE Big Bubble Mix to make 2.7 GALLONS of bubble solution. (Just add water and dish soap.) Order Bubble Thing and Big Bubble Mix refills online at or contact David Stein at 212-663-2325. New York Toy Fair booth #5150.

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Blow IMPOSSIBLY Big Bubbles!

“A thing of wonder” — CNN
“Collosal...frantic...hypnotizing” — The New Yorker

Yes, my 50-footer (top photo) held the Guinness world record for nine years from 1988 to 1997. (Then Alan McKay of New Zealand adapted my loop design and blew a 104-footer.) Bubbles this big aren’t that easy. As in any sport, they’re a challenge. You have to follow the instructions, learn your soap, learn your weather, your moves, your split-second timing. Maybe you’ll even go online at, learn how to splice several Bubble Things together and challenge the record of Alan McKay. (His 14-foot sphere will be hard to beat.)

If all that sounds daunting, relax. Pay attention to humidity and you’ll get 30- or 40-footers for sure. You’ll do all the tricks our smaller Bubble Thing does but more spectacular. You’ll become a magnet for excited happy kids. Then just shorten the loop so they can have fun taking turns. See the package art and order online at or contact inventor David Stein at 212-663-2325. Toy Fair booth #5150.

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Bubble Thing BIG Bubbles Mix
Bubble Thing TREES
(A Superconcentrated Powder)

Out-Bubbles BeeBoo At 1/4 The Cost!

Giant bubbles use GALLONS, not ounces of solution, so choose a cost-effective mix. Let’s compare:

Years in Business

Claim to Fame

Guiness record
(cubic feet)

What's in It?

Bottle makes

Bottle Costs


Bubble Solution

Cost per gallon
Bubble Thing
Big Bubble Mix


World's Biggest

240 cf.


5.4 gallons


3.6 oz.

16 cups water
1 cup dish soap
2 tbsp Mix

$2.36 (includes Joy dish soap)
Big Bubble Mix


World's Largest

104 cf.

Mostly water

1.1 gallons


16 oz.

16 cups water
No dish soap
2 cups Mix


CONCLUSION: Bubble Thing outperforms BeeBoo at less than 1/4 their cost per gallon. Order at or contact David Stein at 212-663-2325. New York Toy Fair booth #5150.

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Every Bubble Thing Plants a Tree

Well, that’s our goal. Right now, getting started, every two Bubble Things plants a tree (14,000 trees so far). We want to offset the carbon footprint of our toy business---and more than that. We want our giant bubbles to help cool---not warm---the atmosphere.

Bubbles, children, air, the atmosphere, their future---
It does make sense. You can help by buying Bubble Thing. And you can help a great deal more by deciding that you too will offset the carbon footprint of your toy business.

There are many ways to do this. We just want to recommend a program that seems to us especially wise and cost-effective and hassle-free. It’s a nonprofit organization called Trees For The Future based in Silver Springs, Maryland. They organize tree-planting groups in subsistence farming villages around the globe (mostly in the tropics where tree growth is especially rapid.) They’ve done 50,000,000 fruit and firewood trees. (Bubble Thing trees are going to Tiruvannamalai, India.)

There’s more to this story. You can find Trees For The Future at You can also talk to me, David Stein, inventor of the Bubble Thing.
212-663-2325 New York Toy Fair booth #5150.

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319 West 106th Street #2A
New York, NY 10025
Ph: 212-663-2325

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