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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 7/9/2009

Slanguage Gamez was created in August of 2008 when it launched Catch My Drift?!? Catch My Drift?!? is an interactive game of charades with an urban twist! You have to guess the lingo from the pop and hip-hop culture. For example: How do you get your teammates to guess the lingo for house if you can’t say baby, sleep, bassinet or infant? These four words are your violation words and your team will lose points if spoken, security will be forced to use the hand clapper! The urban lingo for house is crib and you are given only a short period of time to act out, give gestures or say ‘gaga goo goo’ before the rival team gets a chance to guess your card!

Alyson Stoner from Suite Life of Zack and Cody playing Catch My Drift?!?
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Catch My Drift - Retail: $21.99, Wholesale $11.00
LOL! - Retail: $29.99, Wholesale $15.00
Name That Vanity - Retail: $24.99, Wholesale $12.00
Catch My Drift?!?
Catch My Drift?!? Examples
Get your hands on Catch My Drift?!? and see what all the hoopla is about! Catch My Drift?!? is a game you will find yourself playing for hours! It's so hilarious and captivating that competition is taken seriously! So choose your team mates wisely! As featured on the Micheal Baisden show and at the Celebrity Gift Lounge for the Kids Choice Awards 09', Catch My Drift?!? is what every tween, teen and adult can't have a party without! Currently sold in specialty stores and Retail price 21.99

Catch My Drift?!? will be the next "As Seen On TV" product this summer of '09

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How to play:
Teammates have to guess the top word on the card, while given a phrase as a hint to the word.

Mentioning of the violation words listed on the card is an immediate disqualification.

Double Up is a bonus card for you to double up on points if guessed correctly or lose two points for saying a violation word.

Contents include 279 cards, scorepad, clapper, timer, pencil, and instructions.

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Name that Vanity
LOL! (Laugh Out Loud!) is a new, fresh and exciting game of internet-lingo. This game involves acronyms, shorthand and web slang used in chat rooms, email, text and instant messaging. Be the first to yell out, 'LOL!' to give the answer to the net lingo! The first to 100 points wins, but beware, fate is in your hands, since the die may land on; skip a turn, L, O, !, or +15. This game is a hot commodity among all internet, and other electronic gadget users! You don't even have to be a net-lingo guru to play! LOL!

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Name that Vanity is the contagious and addictive license plate guessing game! Guess the most vanity plates before your favorite song ends. A CD is included with 10 different high energy songs to choose from, which also serves as your timer, after the song ends so does one round. An optional timer is included but you'd probably rather 'bob your head' to the groovy tunes while guessing the vanity plates! After each round, the person who guessed the least vanities will be the license plate holder for the next round. After three rounds, whoever guessed the most vanities wins! Name that Vanity is a road trip classic but just as much fun at home!

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P.O. Box 491
Midlothian, IL 60445
Ph: 773-412-7568
Fax: 708-893-0111

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