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Until now, the traditional method for studying for the Multistate Bar Exam has been through standardized lectures, textbooks, and flash cards alone. Now, students can learn the graduate material required to pass the national state monitored bar exam in an interactive and stimulating environment, created by playing Passing the Bar, which is also fun for law students and trained professionals. A CD-Rom version and online interactive pay to play version of the game will be available in the near future.

Passing the Bar
Passing the Bar
The object of the game is to be the first player to reach the Admission Ceremony and get sworn in. To play, each player in turn rolls a die and moves his pawn to one of the six multistate topics or entertainment spots. The game is then completed once the player answers three consecutive Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination question correctly and moves up the Supreme Court steps into the admission ceremony.

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The game consists of a board, 1 die, 6 pawns, and a 2 minute timer. There are 350 legal questions modeled after the multistate bar examination and 100 various legfal trivia cards that include celebrity run-ins with the law. movie quotes from notorious and gripping courtroom dramas, outrageous verdicts and alike.

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