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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 6/23/2009

BANDthology Music Games is a Canadian company devoted to the development of top quality, highly entertaining music themed board and travel games.

Looking for something new to offer your customers? Call or email us your order today - mention ToyDirectory for a Discount. Minimum orders: BANDthology Board Game - 1 carton (6 games), BANDthology Touring Edition - 6 pcs, BANDthology Ultimate Canadian Edition 6 pcs.

BANDthology - "This Game Rocks"
BANDthology - board game features:
BANDthology is the fun and interactive board game that challenges your musical knowledge and creativity.

Play as individuals or teams and get ready to have the most fun you've had with a board game in years!

The object of BANDthology, is to be the first individual or team to win 6 musicians to form your own Supergroup.

Bandthology appeals to music lovers of all ages and different musical interests. It plays very well as a party game or with large groups.

  • "Musicology" cards that feature music triva, presented as true or false questions, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, word unscrambles & open ended questions that really make you think on your feet. (eg. Name 3 songs with an animal in thier title, 3 artists that end with the letter T).
  • "Play" cards which challenge each player to provide "Open Ended" responses. (eg. Name a song title that contains the word "House").
  • "Now What" cards either help or hurt your progress (eg. Congratulations! You just won a city wide song writing contest, collect the musician you are currently pursuing).
  • "Now What Audition" cards, which are musical themed charades eg. act out this name of music artist "Barenaked Ladies."

BANDthology Touring Edition - V. 1
BANDthology Ultimate Canadian Edition
Bandthology Touring Edition is a 75 card pack with 450 musical challenges.

The Touring Edition has all of the fun of the larger board game, but is made to travel with you.

Stay Tuned for future Bandthology™ Touring Editions.

Love Canadian Music? 

This is "Your Music. Your Game."

100 card set with 600 musical challenges celebrating Canadian Music and Milestones in the Canadian Music Industry.

Contains trivia with a twist with featuring open ended questions, fill in the blanks, unscrambles, true & false, or multiple choice questions. 

Can be played as a stand alone travel game or shuffle into your BANDthology board game as a booster set.

BANDthology Inc.
120 Douglas Woods Drive S.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2Z 1K5
Ph: 403-604-3257
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