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5mississippi, headquartered in Richmond, VA is the manufacturer of Hookum -- the most engaging, frenetic, competitive game of skill to come along in ages. One swing of this tantalizing game and you’re hooked.The goal is simply to swing your ring in such a way that it attaches itself to your hook. But what may seem simple is tantalizingly difficult. The world’s first multiplayer Bimini ring game, Hookum has the perfect degree of difficulty.

Up for a great challenge? Ready...Aim...Release...Hookum.

The Game
The goal of this patent-pending, fast-paced game is for players to swing their ring onto their hook. One to four competitors frantically try to out-duel one another while tuning out the screams to focus on the perfect release.

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In theory, it’s simple: swing your ring onto your hook. But what should be simple is maddeningly difficult. Hookum is tantalizing and infuriating in equal parts.

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Multiplayer Fun
One Swing and You're Hooked
To play, simply push, twist and extend. It’s patented design allows for multiplayer competition on a whim.

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Players determine the length of the game: first to five? First to ten? It’s your game. You decide. One thing is certain, one swing of this unique game, and you’re hooked.

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P.O. Box 8556
Richmond, VA 23226
Ph: 804-243-1173

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