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Since 2000 Monkeying Around has been dedicated to offering The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books, with the goal to provide challenging and innovative dot-to-dot products that will delight and entertain both young and old alike. So far Monkeying Around has published eighteen Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books and has sold over three quarters of a million books worldwide.

"The most intriguing thing about the designer's work is the way the puzzle solver is directed to draw long lines in unexpected places that completely unbalance any pre-conceived ideas about what is being depicted."
- Reviewer: Eleanor Heldrich, Children's Literature

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The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Books
The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge Books
The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Books carry on the tradition of skillfully utilizing dots to create the most amazingly complex and artistic dot-to-dot puzzles to ever hit the market. The goal was to raise the connect-the-dot bar even higher with this new 'Adventure' series. A simple story line that follows a boy around his home town looking for clues is a continuing theme in the Adventure Books. Together, visitors will navigate challenging puzzles and unearth secret clues to discover new species of dots and spectacular views. One can even challenge themselves by scaling the 'Everest of Connect-the-Dots', a four page foldout puzzle comprised of a record breaking 2,600 dots.

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These are definitely not your father's dot-to-dots. With no clues given to the final image, numbers into the thousands, and amazing detailed pictures, The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge provides a whole new level of challenge and intrigue. Author and artist David Kalvitis continues his Dot-to-Dot revolution by introducing a variety of brand new puzzle inventions. The patent pending Arrow and Compass puzzles provide unique methods for connecting points to reveal a picture. Other new puzzle designs include Alpha Dots and ABC Sets as well as double page spreads with over 1,300 dots.

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The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books in the World
The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Newspaper Books
This is the original set of books that started the Dot-to-Dot revolution! The Greatest Dot to Dot Books in the World  will provide hours of fun. Be amazed as your pencil drawing come into focus right before your eyes. These books have 46 dot-to-dot puzzles each with puzzles ranging from 15 to as many as 470 numbers. You'll create animals, people, buildings, vehicles, insects and sports pictures. You may have to connect 30, 40, 50 or more dots before discovering exactly what you are working on.

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Featuring connect-the-dot puzzles from syndicated newspaper columns, these books pack a big punch with pocket-sized but intricate designs for readers to decipher. In addition to traditional connect-the-dots, you'll find unique innovations such as connecting odd/even numbers and other multiple line variations. Each final image is a small treasure... beautifully drawn and charming. A wide variety of subject matter further adds to the final surprise.

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