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We formed Rio Grande Games in 1998 to promote the playing of family strategy games by families here in the United States. We felt families had moved away from this great social and educationall activity because they were unable to find interesting games they could play again and again. We found such games in Germany and work with the German publishers to bring these great games to the UUS in English. Not only are the games fun to play, but they have great graphics and wonderful, high quality components. Others must agree, because our games consistantly wn awards from Games Magazine, Mensa, and many other organizations and newspapers.

Tower of Babel
Louis XIV
Together, the players build the eight wonders of the ancient world. While building together, each tries to provide the majority of the components for each wonder and collect scoring tiles. Together, these things earn the players victory points. And, the victory points determine the winner at game end.

Author: Reiner Knizia
3-5 players

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Slip on the role of clever court attendant and try your luck in the court of Louis XIV. Influence his next decrees. Relax in his radiance on his countless cushions. Bribe ministers and buy generals. Spin intrigue and spread your net in the empire of the Sun King. Every plan is right - if it works! A careful plan and provident use of information gained in the court can help you fulfill your mission -and win the game!

Author: Rüdiger Dorn
2 - 4 players

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It is 1821, and for 250 years the Philippine Islands have been under the thumb of the Spanish crown. But, in the end, the Spaniards do not really control everything. In the shadow of the colonial power, self-willed natives have established secret maritime trade with neighboring islands and the Asiatic mainland. Using odd-looking punts and fragile bamboo barks, these black market traders cram their boats with nutmeg, silk, jade, and ginseng, and set sail to smuggle them into MANILA. Succes in each venture is uncertain, as the seaworthiness of both boats and captains is poor. To add to their woes, pirates lie in wait to plunder boats that cannot escape them.

Given all this, it is not surprising that wares that reach the black markets in MANILA command high prices, making the venture worth the risk for those who succeed. The black market dealers use accomplices to ensure they get the wares, bribe pilots to aid their cargoes and hinder others, and insure their cargoes against failure. And a few wealthy merchants hire pirates to attack the black market boats and secretly pocket the profits from these raids.

Author: Franz-Benno Delonge
3-5 players

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Now it is time to go railroading in Europa. Just like Transamerica, players work together building a railroad network, but this time it is across Europe instead of the United States. The first to have their five cities connected winds the round - the others lose points for being too slow! After 3-4 rounds, the player with the most points wins the game!

RIO273: author: Franz-Benno Delonge
2-6 players

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