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This high-flying, dazzling disc by STELLAR TOYS invites creativity & imagination, builds skill, self-confidence and hand-eye coordination, provides hours of fun, fitness and exercise, all while teaching gyroscopic principles. This newest free-style spin sport can be used solo or in a group.

Click here to see videos of Flip N Flyer in action!

Free DVD 'Action' demo video & Poster included with 1st order.

Flip N Flyer
Flip N Flyer
The FLIP N FLYER® is an exciting addition to all General Gift, Sports & Toy  Stores. Educational Suppliers, Museum Gift Shops and Science Teachers utilize it for educational purposes, (Gyroscopic Physics). Kiosks & outdoor Fair / Festival events present special opportunities for increased sales through demonstration. The Flip N Flyer’s innovative, patented design creates an exciting new ‘Freestyle Spin-Sport’ that can be played with individually (Solo Entertainment) or with Groups of 2 or more players!

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While the FLIP N FLYER® is spinning, you can use it to perform a fascinating variety of tricks, from the very basic to the advanced. Check out our website where we have two full pages devoted to “Action Demo Videos”.

We also include an Instructional Brochure with each ‘Flip N Flyer’.

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For Multi-Player Use: Toss it back and forth as a Flying Disc and you’ll see how fun & easy it is to catch by the Gyro-cord. Players can show-off their skill with a few tricks before they toss it back, a fun way to promote creativity and increase hand-eye coordination!  Kids, as well as adults, have a blast playing with it…FUN FOR ALL, AGES 7 & UP.

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The Holographic designs on both the airfoil and around the outer rim create Dazzling Visual Effects while the disc is spinning…a Kaleidoscope of Colors! The Fun Begins with the Spin…! Just start the disc spinning with a ‘flick of the wrist’ and you’re on your way to Yo-Yo type fun… “Horizontal or Vertical”!

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