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Sudoku teamwork with family members or friends = Fun!

It is fun to solve Sudoku games with family members or friends while enjoying
your coffee or tea. By playing and solving the puzzle together, we can learn from each other, and appreciate other people's perspectives. It is good for:

  • Traning kids in logic thinking and reasoning
  • Friend teamwork
  • Daily brain exercise
Visit us at Toy Fair Booth #6079

Toy Fair specials:
SG1101: 4+ sets, $19.99 each, 10+ sets $14.99
SG1201: 4+ sets, $24.99 each, 10+ sets $19.99

What is SukugoŽ?
Sukugo Color + Number Sudoku Game Set
Sukugo is simply a social Sudoku game.

Loved by players of every age and skill level, the goal of Sudoku - a fun, addictive logic game - is to fill all 81 spaces on the 9x9 playing area with numbers, such that all digits 1-9 are used once per row, per column and per 3x3 region.

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Set includes: Padded Cloth Bag, Game Board, 9x9 Color+Number Big Pieces, 9x15 Color+Number Small Pieces, Manual with 10x10 Sudoku games. Games include: 9x9 Go, Connect 4, Chinese-style Checker, American-style Checker.

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Creativity and Reasoning
Teamwork and Collaboration
Designed with balance in mind, our innovative approach to Sudoku equally engages both halves of the brain - the left side works on numerical challenges and reasoning while the right side focuses on color patterns and creativity.

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Although the large game board and colorful numbered pieces are designed to be enjoyed collaboratively with a partner, it’s just as fun to play individually.

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20923 SE 82nd Street
Issaquah, WA 98027
Ph: 1-888-9Sukugo
Alt Phone: 425-281-8193

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