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Tentacle Kitty is a fast growing character brand that began in 2011. After producing the first plush design of Tentacle Kitty in 2012, the plush line has grown to include 17 plushes.

Tentacle Kitty is currently licensed by Mighty Fine Inc. to create apparel and accessories in 2015.
We have created exclusive custom Tentacle Kitty plushes for comic book/pop-culture conventions Comicpalooza, and Emerald City Comic Con.

Tentacle Kitty
Ninja Kitty
Tentacle Kitty is a kitty from another dimension that just so happens to have tentacles. Now you can cuddle her and all of her ten springy tentacles with this super soft Tentacle Kitty plush! If you love kitties, tentacles, confusing your friends while making them squeal with delight, then this is the plush for you! Sitting at 8 inches tall, this is a perfectly cuddly critter ready for adventure!

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Ninja Kitty is the world’s WORST ninja! Even worse are his sewing skills, which is why his ninja suit has no sleeves. When Ninja Kitty discovers Tentacle Kitty, he thinks she is the prettiest thing he has ever seen. He tries to admire her secretly from the shadows until he falls out of the tree on top of her.

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Pirate Kitty
Pirate Kitty is Ninja Kitty’s rival and next-door neighbor. He steals everything he needs to be a pirate from his owner, including the Jolly Roger panties on his head. He also has his leg stuck in a toilet paper roll to complete the look while he orders Squeakarr, his first mate and cat toy, about on many tasks while he spies on the dastardly Ninja Kitty.

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With the addition of 4 new plushes funded by our first Kickstarter, we now have 17 plushes that include: 5 different colored Tentacle Kitties, Ninja Kitty, Pirate Kitty, Rat Tailed Unicorns, and 10 different colored Little Ones.

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11191 Coal Mine St
Firestone, CO 80504
Ph: 832-766-0013

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