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U.S. Games Systems, Inc. of Stamford, CT has been producing top-quality family games and specialty playing card decks for over 40 years. We offer a colorful array of products that are attractively packaged and affordably priced.

Our wide selection of cards and games has something for every age and interest. For little ones we offer Kids' Classics: Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Slap Jack, and Old Maid.

For the young at heart: Nutty Neighbors, Tripolo (NEW), and perennially popular Author Cards.

A lineup of award-winning word games like Snatch-It, Quickword, and Royalty, now includes the fast-paced Flashwordz. Counting games like the NEW Flip Six Card Game, Banana Split, and Hexago Continuo educate as well as entertain.

Families on the go enjoy Bing-O Cards, and TableTalk Conversation Card decks, with a wide range of fascinating topics to get youngsters talking. New titles include PirateTalk, TastyTalk, HobbyTalk, and dozens of others.

Nature lovers enjoy Rain Forest Card Games, Edible Wild Foods Cards, GreenTalk Conversation Cards, and the Natural World Playing Card Collection.

Families who like traditional card games will love Mystery Rummy Card Games and Wizard Card Game—the ultimate game of trump! Ask about our Wizard Card Game Events!

U.S. Games Systems latest, greatest product is the Mystic Pyramid- an exciting, interactive toy that speaks over 100 different answers to all your questions. Imagine all the fun at slumber parties!

10% discount for new accounts. Free Freight for orders over $350.00. Free Freight + 5% discount for orders over $1000.00. Please mention code: TD07TF when you order.

Flip Six Card Game
Royalty Word Game
Adorable graphics, colorful cards, and easy-to-learn game play come together in this great new family game that provides “flippin’ good fun for everyone.”

In Flip Six, even young players learn adding and subtracting strategies as they get rid of their high cards. Starting each round with six cards, players try to reduce their points by getting rid of cards and/or swapping them for lower cards. After ten rounds, player with the lowest cumulative score wins.

Game includes 55 cards, including negative numbers.

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Players form words with the letters in their hand. They add a letter, build a new word, and capture their opponent's word, all in one turn. Players score points and earn 'royalties' for words of all one color. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. "Gameplay allows players to capture cards to build bigger, better words," Lynn Araujo, communications director for U.S. Games Systems, told TDmonthly. Launch date: May 2008.
Awards: A Games 100 Selection (2008, 2009, 2010)

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TableTalk® Conversation Cards for the Entire Family
The specially designed score pad makes game play easy for everyone and is included in all versions. For 3 to 6 players, ages 10 to adult. 60 cards

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TableTalk® Conversation Cards for the Entire Family were created as a fun way to get conversations rolling at home, in the classroom, at parties, or while traveling. Each colorful deck focuses on an interesting topic, with 51 delightfully illustrated cards. Each card presents a fascinating fact, and then poses an intriguing question, sure to get everyone talking. There are no right or wrong answers; no special knowledge needed. Just pick a card and start talking. For even more fun, add your own questions.

More than 25 titles to choose from including PirateTalk, HobbyTalk, and BasketBall Talk.

Free counter display with orders of 12 or more decks

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Ph: 203-353-8400
Fax: 203-353-8431
Alt Phone: 800-544-2637

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