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We, the Begoths™, are the purveyors of medieval delights, the esoteric eccentrics for a new millenium, as our palate desires the gothic necessities that run as blood through our veins. We’ve walked through the shadows & scoured this miserable rock called Earth to find interests for your enlightnement and entertainment.

12 Inch BeGoths Collectible Scorpio Vixen
12 inch BeGoths Collectible Doll Red Riding Storm
Full name: Scorpio Vixen

Pets: Dust bunnies

Favorite color: Black

Likes: Loud music sung by her boyfriend, movies about prisons, training to be a prison guard, taking things from prisoners and keeping them, and her pre-disposition to explosive bouts of violence brought on by the general public.

Dislikes: Bread pudding, dirty fingernails, sore throats, and small confined places.

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Full name: Storm O. Misery

Favorite colors: Black, black noir (all shades of black)

Pets: No more patience for pets

Likes: Visiting Grandma, Bat Plant Tacca, Aesop's Fables, red cape, IFC, The Company of Wolves, horror movie classics, KraftWerk, Sourpatch Kids, rhymes, sumo wrestling & sleeping in

Dislikes: Collecting little flowers, mixed nuts, running after butterflies, whiny kids, sharp teeth, getting lost in forest & conniving wolves

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7 inch BeGoths Collectible Doll Delilah Blackheart
Minor Misfits Plush Collectible Doll Desiree Decay
Full Name: Delilah Blackheart

Favorite colors: Gold, silver, ruby red, emerald green

Pet: Sea turtle, "Johnny"

Likes: Rated "Rrrr" movies, booty, Dramamine, speak like a pirate day, beef jerky, Adam Ant, jigs, mermaids, Moby Dick, scavenger hunts & 80's dance clubs

Dislikes: Scurvy, walking the plank, mutiny, squalls, scabs and scallywags, swabbing the poop deck & The Village People

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Full Name: Desiree Decay

Favorite Colors: Purple/black rot

Pets: Bumblebee, "T-Rex"

Likes: Candy, sugar cubes, soda, Abba Zabba, kids who don't brush, plaque & chewing gum

Dislikes: Pretty in pink tooth fairy, flossing, fluoride, braces, anything sugar-free & orthodontists are wicked

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5311 Reese Rd.
Torrance, CA 90505
Ph: 310.539.6585

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