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Since 1956, Corgi has been the worldwide pioneer of collectible die-cast models and replicas. Legendary for its devotion to quality, authenticity and value, Corgi creates products to delight the entire family. Consumers can receive more information about the company and its line of products by calling 1-800-800-CORGI, or visiting us at:

Corgi USA is owned by Corgi Classics Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zindart Limited (NASDAQ: ZNDT)

New Jersey Forest Fire Service M35 2.5 Ton Brush Truck
P-40 Warhawk
Even the thickest brush is no match for this powerhouse vehicle. When fire strikes the New Jersey wilderness, it’s the M35 that blasts its way through, allowing firefighters to get right to the source of the blaze. The Corgi replica (SKU # US50207), in 1:50 scale, features authentic markings, lots of details and the brush truck’s signature front end cage Suggested retail price: $36.99 For ages 14 & up.

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The finest aircraft of World War II receives all-new tooling in 1:72 scale. The giant replica capture all the details and authentic markings of these iconic aircrafts. The P-40 Warhawk is SKU#AA35202. Suggested retail price: $24.99. For ages 14 & up.

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Boeing B-17G w/ “A Bit o' Lace” nose art
GM “Old Look” 4507 – Green Bus lines
When America’s World War II fly boys took to the skies over Europe and the Pacific, they were accompanied by the images of movie stars, pinup queens, cartoon characters and the girls they left behind. Colorful and skillfully rendered, these paintings – known as “Nose Art” because of their typical placement near the nose of the aircraft -- brought a personal touch to some of the greatest aircraft of the era.

Corgi USA remembers this unique artwork with an all-new 1:72 scale Aviation Archive replicas featuring legendary nose art. The artwork appears not only on the plane replica, but also on a larger scale cut-out section of the fuselage, which can be displayed on a stand-alone base along with the model aircraft (SKU#US33306) $119.99

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Just the ticket for a trip to World’s Fair in Flushing or a day at Coney Island, these Green Line buses were welcome sights in the outer boroughs, providing a pleasant alternative to the cramped subways. The Corgi replicas capture two stages in the Green Line evolution, with the “Old Look” (reminiscent of a streetcar) and the sleeker “Fishbowl” design of the 1960s. Each is presented in 1:50 scale, with complete and authentic markings. The “Old Look” is SKU #US54019, the “Fishbowl” is SKU # US54315. Suggested retail for each is $39.99 . For ages 14 & up.

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