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D & L Company created the Stomp Rocket in the early 1990’s. This small plastic 11" toy rocket is launched by air pressure forced from a rubber "air bladder". When a person "stomps" on the bladder, the rocket is launched. D & L has received numerous industry awards including the Dr. Toy Award in 2004, the iParenting Media Award and iParenting Hot Award in 2004, and Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award in 2004!

Ultra Stomp Rocket
Junior Stomp Rocket

Winner of 4 awards in 2004 alone!.

  • iParenting Media Award
  • iParenting Hot Award
  • Dr. Toy Award for Best Children´s Vacation Toy
  • Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award

Stomp on the Launch Pad and a blast of air propels the Ultra Stomp Rocket over 200 feet in the air! The kit contains 4 rockets with the OG-1 Nosecone. The Ultra Stomp Rocket is for ages 8 and up.

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As a creative, educational and active toy, kids jump on the air bladder to launch a 9" rocket ( all foam ) into the air. In addition to being loads of fun, the Junior Stomp Rocketâ is used by science teachers to help children learn about trajectory, force, and motion. It is also valued by psychologists, physical therapists, special-ed teachers, and parents of children with special needs. Stomp Rocketsâ are recognized for their positive contribution to the lives of millions of children and adults around the world.

  • 2005 "Excellent Product" iParenting Media
  • 2005 "Top Toy of The Year" Creative Child Magazine

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Space Bike
Squeeze Rocket Launcher
Push n' pull the handlebars to make the bike go. Great exercise and fun.

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Squeeze the handle to launch 6 mini foam rockets at rapid speed. Indoor or outdoor fun!

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P. O. Box 7996
Porterville, CA 93258
Ph: 800-632-8869
Fax: 559-784-3869

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