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"Innovation in board sports"

From the vision of two design students in 1993 to the creation of Sport Technology Inc., the company has successfully developed and marketed the innovative Flowboard. Today it is estimated that there are approximately 50,000 riders and growing exponentially each year. The company continues to lead its marketing efforts through aggressive and innovative initiatives including this summer’s “Go with the Flow” Tour. Canvassing the California marketplace, the tour features a 40’ bus that will converge on a mix of active lifestyle venues, retail settings and special events including the ESPN X-Games August 4-7, 2005. The sport’s first “Flowboarder X” Competitions were held in Fall 2005.

While the Flowboard and Flowlab are quickly becoming synonymous with innovation in boardsports, several other products are continually being developed and tested everyday at the 'lab. Going forward, keep an eye out for new and innovative products for snow, surf, skate, & wake.

A truly unique riding experience. Feel the thrill of snowboarding in the summer as you carve your way down hills or through the skate park. Surf the streets as no other board can. You will almost swear you feel the frost in the air or the salt spray as you drop in to the pipe.

The patented 14 wheeled Deep Carve System (DCS) is what sets the flowboard apart from any other board design.

On a flowboard you can carve thru 45° turns with smooth, fluid transitions from edge to edge.
The SnowChuck™ snowball launcher makes it quick and easy to form perfect snowballs and fling them long distances. You just "scoop it", flip it" and "chuck it". It's fun and easy winter fun for the whole family.
The SnowSkates that "actually" skate. Don't get caught on the slopes without them.
Easy to ride, just like a skate board.
Solid construction with Stainless Steel Hardware.
Adjustable ski suspension to customize the feel.
3127 E. South St. Ste-C
Long Beach, CA 90805
Ph: 562.634.0110
Fax: 562.634.0130
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