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ThinkFun® is the leading creator of mind challenging games. Since 1985, we’ve produced award-winners such as Rush Hour®, River Crossing®, TipOver®, and Zingo!®. Both kids and adults look to ThinkFun to make hands-on, thought-provoking games that provide hours of fun-filled challenges. We are committed to high-quality, innovative products that help people of all ages exercise their thinking skills and learn through play.

36 Cube
A Memory Matching Game with a Spin

A new take on the classic memory game, S’Match challenges young players to find matching pairs by color, number or category. Only here, it’s the S’Match Spinner that decides which way to match—and every player gets a spin! Pictures and words allow pre-readers and early readers to play together and enjoy hours of memory-building fun. Ages 4 and up.

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Can you solve what has been described as possibly the world’s most challenging puzzle? 36 Cube is a multi-colored puzzle comprised of thirty six towers arranged in the shape of a cube. The goal is to place only one of each colored tower in every row and column to form a perfect level cube. Sound simple? Think again!

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Adams Cube
Aha! Brainteasers: 4-Piece Pyramid
A beautiful puzzle with architectural roots, Adams Cube combines six games in one. Each side of this translucent cube offers a new challenge, as players attempt to arrange the five puzzle pieces within a polygon frame. Some puzzles are more complex than others – solve one and move on to the next for lasting fun. Plus, the cube’s smart design allows game pieces and instruction booklet to be stored inside the cube.

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Players arrange the four puzzle pieces to build a four-sided pyramid. Easy (Level 1)

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