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Kid Galaxy is committed to offering unique, innovative and high-quality toys for kids and their families. The company designs and develops products that encourage creativity, discovery and endless hours of play. Its award-winning brands include a pre-school line of remote controlled vehicles called My First RC™, super-cool line of land-to-water remote controlled vehicles called Morphibians™, and the Elite Fleet™, a collection of highflying planes and gliders, including Shadow Caster, Hyper Flyer and Cloud Cruiser. Kid Galaxy’s exclusive products can be found at specialty retailers nationwide.

Elite Fleet IR Indoor Flyer
DRV RC Rescue SUV & Plane
The Elite Fleet IR Indoor Plane takes off from the floor or table! Made of durable EPP foam, it is lightweight enough to fly indoors while sturdy enough to last many flights. Powered through infrared technology, once you take off enjoy minutes of indoor flying fun! For ages 8+. Suggested retail value: $39.99

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Ready for land and air rescue missions, Kid Galaxy introduces the bright “safety” yellow DRV Rescue SUV and Plane, a great combination of a sturdy truck and plane, that charges in just 10 seconds.  Control the vehicle with the full function remote controller and launch the free flight plane with a simple push of the red button on the same remote controller. For ages 8+. (Suggested retail price for each:  $45)
My First RC Dinos
Little Universe Round Hound
Kid Galaxy introduces My First RC Dinos! With animated loveable features the green Tyrannosaurus Rex and blue Triceratops bring prehistoric fun to life for little tots. Each spin when they are turned on. When the button on the Trilobite remote is pressed the Dinos go forward. At the same time, the Dinos’ mouth chomps, his legs move and his tail sways side to side. Simple function 1 button R/C enhances the fun for your little one. For ages 3+. Suggested retail price: $22.99
Kid Galaxy has launched the Little Universe category targeting kids ages 12 months and up. The premier toys in this category are the Round Hounds, a rolly, polly interactive puppy available in two breeds either Spaniel or Dalmatian. Each has crinkly, soft bendable ears that are soft to the touch. With off-centered wheels (paws) the pups walk clumsily and are programmed for “play-fetch” action. Give the puppy its toy slipper or ball and the Round Hound barks playfully, moves in 1 of 5 ways and then drops the toy for more! For ages 12 months+. Suggested retail price: $24.99
150 Dow Street Unit 425B Tower 2
Manchester, NH 03101
Ph: 800-816-1135
Fax: 603-647-9419
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